Oregon witness photographs amber-colored lights over neighboring rooftops

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Looking Back on 2022

An Oregon witness at Aumsville reported watching and photographing two amber-colored lights moving north to south at 10:05 p.m. on February 1, 2022, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The witness was in bed and noticed a strange light just above the other home’s rooftops in the neighborhood.

“It then split into two separate lights, amber in color,” the reporting witness stated.

The witness and his wife were facing south as they watched the object now heading north.

“The first ball maintained a constant direction and speed, while the other flight seemed more sporadic before matching the speed of the first.”

The witness opened the window thinking they were helicopters but no sound was heard.

“We watched them until they were over our roof.”

Cropped version of witness image.Photo byNational UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC.org)

The witnesses then ran downstairs to the front of the house to continue watching. They located the light immediately, still heading from south to north. The second light faded out as the original one continued on its path.

“Then a smaller light shot straight down and stopped just below the first light making a streak that faded quickly. In a clockwise motion, the small ball rotated 90 degrees to the same level as the original and then shot back into the original ball.”

The object continued to move north never changing in elevation or speed as it disappeared through the clouds.

“Camera footage was terrible when facing north due to bright house lights and streetlights.”

The witness is former military and has seen and been in military aircraft in combat and training.

“This is like nothing I've seen.”

The report included one image, filed on February 2, 2022. Aumsville is a city in Marion County, OR, population 3,584. Witness quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to NUFORC or to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Oregon Cases

Oregon was rated 16th in U.S. UFO sightings for January 2023 with nine cases filed, according to the MUFON February 2023 newsletter. California topped the list at 62 cases each.

There were 69 sphere cases reported nationally in January 2023.

Recent Oregon Coverage

Historic Oregon

Vintage Jeep.Photo bySandie ClarkeonUnsplash

An Oregon witness at Terrebonne recalled an encounter with a silent, cigar-shaped object at 4:45 p.m. on October 5, 1964, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The witness was in high school and had a hunting routine. School was out just before 3 p.m. each day. It took 15 minutes to drive home, another 5-10 minutes to change clothes, and that would leave about two hours to hunt.

Living in the area for quite some time, the witness knew the best areas for “jumping” a buck deer from his bedding area. He was hunting alone and tried to get into an area where he could get a clear shot.

On this afternoon, the witness drove directly to the north side of Gray Butte in southern Jefferson County and went up a “Jeep road” that went about halfway up the sharp little butte.

The witness parked the Jeep he was driving which had no top and the windshield was in the down position, so he could get a very good view of the area to the northeast. The witness parked in the only somewhat level area at the top end of the road, set the parking brake, and glanced into the area he was going to hunt.

“A glint or reflection of light caught my eye from a northerly position,” the reporting witness stated. “I didn't give it much thought as we lived in an area surrounded by small, local airports, and it was a very common sight to see small aircraft on any given day.”

The witness was about to get out of his vehicle and start the hunt when the thought occurred to him that he could not hear the engine of what was thought was a small airplane, yet it was only about half a mile away.

It was a calm, clear day, with no clouds, and the witness took a rest and looked through the 4X scope of his rifle at what he was sure would be a small plane.

“Wrong. The craft had no wings, no visible tail, no windows, no exhaust, no markings, and no sound. I immediately shook my head in case I was having dilutions. I looked again. The craft continued at what I estimated was 65-80 mph, about the same speed as a small, single-engine airplane would be cruising.”

The witness thought he was hallucinating because it was broad daylight. It was hard to believe what was being seen. The craft never deviated from the steady cruising speed that he likened to a small plane’s speed.

“I watched until I could no longer see the craft through my scope, as it continued southward. It took about 10 minutes for this entire episode to pass. I would estimate the craft was 30-40 feet long. I think it was about one-half mile overhead and a slight bit to the east.”

Terrebonne, OR.Photo byGoogle.

It was over 10 years before the witness mentioned the sighting to his parents.

“I thought they'd think I was drinking. To my surprise, they actually believed what I told them. It was too bad I was alone on that butte. I would have appreciated a witness.”

The report included no images, filed on July 25, 2012. Terrebonne is an unincorporated community in Deschutes County, OR, population 1,257. Witness quotes were edited for clarity.

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