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Maryland witness afraid after watching large object in night sky 'cloaking' itself

Roger Marsh

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A Maryland witness at Elkton reported watching a large, silent object with lights that appeared to be cloaking itself in the night sky at 9 p.m. on November 27, 2022, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The witness had just taken a friend home and she and her husband decided to look at the stars from their deck.

The two were naming star constellations when they noticed a shooting star. At one point they realized that tree branches were blocking some of their views so they moved positions on the deck for a better look.

They then noticed a group of stars directly overhead and were both tilting their heads to keep them in view.

“Next thing I know my husband said, ‘Do you see that?’ the reporting witness stated. “I could see out of the corner of my eye he was facing opposite of where I was looking. I turned around right away and my first thought was, oh those are stars, but then I realized they were moving.”

The witness observed that this group of stars seemed so close.

“Like a football field away. I am horrible with distancing things. Just knew it was close and looked huge from how far the lights were separated. It was a zigzag shape.”

The witness said that you could not see the actual shape of it. One could see just the shape of the lights.

“They were like foggy looking. It looked like it was cloaked. I know that sounds strange but that is just what came to mind.”

The witness had a feeling as though she should not be looking at this object.

“Also, it just glided very smoothly. It was just unnatural moving. No jet or engine sounds. Completely silent.”

As they watched, all of the lights moved together and then they moved in a zigzag motion. At that point, the witness became afraid and asked her husband to move back inside with her.

The report contained no images, filed on November 27, 2022, and posted for public viewing on December 22, 2022. Elkton is a town in and the county seat of Cecil County, MD, population 15,443. Witness quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to NUFORC or to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Maryland Cases

Maryland was rated 42nd in total U.S. UFO sightings for December 2022 with one case filed, according to the MUFON January newsletter. Maryland shared the rating with Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa, Delaware, and Alaska. California topped the list with 51 cases.

There were 38 triangle cases reported nationally in December 2022.

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Historic Maryland

Williamsport, MD.Photo byWikimedia Commons.

A Maryland witness at Williamsport recalled an encounter with a huge red, glowing ball at 8 a.m. on June 1, 1963, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The witness was very young and was playing outside on the family’s front sidewalk. The incident date is approximate.

“A huge red, glowing ball came right down beside me on my front sidewalk,” the reporting witness stated. “I could have touched it. This thing was huge but it seemed soft to me.”

Boy playing.Photo byVitolda KleinonUnsplash

The object appeared to bounce a few times barely touching the ground. When the witness reached out and tried to touch the object, it moved upward very fast but then came back down again slowly.

“After that it went up a little and then went straight up into the sky like it was flying. I saw a couple of lights and then they just disappeared.”

The witness went inside to tell Mom.

“My face was burned a little. I don't know what this was.”

The witness’s Mom commented that it looked like the witness had just been to the beach as she was washing her child’s face with cold water.

“She did not see this thing but she knew something had happened by my skin. I will never forget this and sometimes I have dreams about it.”

The report contained no images, filed on September 16, 2008. Williamsport is a town in Washington County, MD, population 2,137. Witness quotes were edited for clarity.

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