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MA couple report orb-like object and 'men in black' along street outside

Roger Marsh
Couple at night.Photo byNathan DumlaoonUnsplash

A Massachusetts witness at Boston reported a bright, orb-like object moving upward into the sky followed by strange "men in black" at 2:30 a.m. on December 6, 2022, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The reporting witness is relating the case for his sister and her boyfriend. The couple, two weeks earlier, had been surfing the Internet and watching videos about astronauts seeing UFOs and other topics like aliens, and plane pilots encountering UFOs.

The couple on this night stepped outside because the boyfriend wanted to smoke a cigarette. They were looking up at the moon and talking about how those astronauts in the videos they watched weeks ago really have no reason to lie about UFO sightings and how crazy it must have been for them.

“Within less than five seconds of talking about that out loud, they were peering up in the sky and saw an orb-like bright light that was so bright the light illuminated their faces as if in the presence of fireworks,” the reporting witness stated.

The witness said that the object was going upwards in the sky, not in a completely straight path but was swerving a little and going upwards. There were a few spark-like elements coming from the bottom of the craft and the craft itself was visible for about three seconds before it completely disappeared.

“The craft was completely silent and appeared pretty close, way too close to be a plane or some type of shooting star. They thought it could've been a comet, but also too close to be that, or a meteor landing on earth but it was traveling upward and also disappeared.”

The witness’s sister said the size of it was about the size of a streetlight from the ground's point of view but she couldn't make out the shape of the object because it was so bright.

The couple went back inside afterward stunned, not believing or knowing exactly what they saw. After about 45 minutes, the boyfriend wanted another cigarette, and as hesitant as they were to go back outside, they went anyway.

“After about two minutes of being outside the second time, a black sedan SUV pulled up across the street – seemingly out of nowhere with absolutely no sounds. A man in all black came out and opened the trunk of the SUV, turned around, and began to stare at them.”
Man in black.Photo byWil StewartonUnsplash

The couple could tell he was dressed in black but couldn't make out his face. Within seconds of this, she and her boyfriend noticed two other men in black standing at the end of the street, one house down from where they lived, kind of swaying back and forth as if they were trying to make out who or what they were.

“It seemed as if they were more intrigued by seeing my sister and her boyfriend. My sister described them as also wearing all-black attire, and couldn't see their faces or even their skin color despite being only one house down from where they were standing.”

The witness said these men were all blurred out and did not have distinct facial features.

The witness’s sister said that the scene gave her a very fearful, ominous impression.

“As soon as that happened, she grabbed her boyfriend's hand and sprinted inside the house, fearing that if she wasn't physically touching him he could've mysteriously disappeared somewhere behind her as they were running.”

The woman was unable to sleep, turn off any lights, and didn’t feel safe being alone for a while. Police were contacted, but they basically told the couple that they only take crime reports and not UFO reports.

No images were included in the report, filed on December 9, 2022. Witness quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to NUFORC or to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

An investigator might check the date and time with local police to see if these men were actually casing a nearby home for a robbery. Perhaps they were eyewitnesses to a crime rather than “Men in Black.” In popular culture and the world of UFO conspiracy theories, Men in Black are men dressed in black suits that seem to be government agents, often harassing or threatening UFO witnesses. The idea spawned the popular 1997 film of the same name starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Actual reports of MIB were more popular in the 50s and 60s and very few recent reports have been filed.

Massachusetts Rating

Massachusetts was rated 26th in total U.S. UFO sightings for December 2022 with five cases filed, according to the MUFON January newsletter. Massachusetts shared the rating with Kansas, Alabama, Utah, and Virginia. California topped the list with 51 cases.

There were 80 sphere cases reported nationally in December 2022.

Recent Massachusetts Coverage

Historic Massachusetts
Building at night.Photo byAnson YangonUnsplash

A Massachusetts witness at Fort Devans recalled an encounter with an oval-shaped object hovering over a base building at 4 a.m. on March 7, 1957, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The witness was on duty at the base.

“The craft was about 50 feet over the base dental clinic,” the reporting witness stated. “It had three large, oval, translucent areas in the craft, was about 15 feet across and they were spaced about 30 feet apart.”

The witness observed that there was a blinking light at either end about 20 feet above the ovals and about 15 feet out. The overall shape could not be determined because of weather conditions.

“I saw and heard the craft for 15 minutes before it moved slowly away. The sound changed when moving from low to high pitch.”
Postcard of Fort Devans published before 1923.Photo byWikimedia Comomons.

Fort Devens is a U.S. Army Reserve military base situated in the towns of Ayer and Shirley, Middlesex County, MA, The base was closed in 1996. No images were included in the report, filed on August 30, 1998. Witness quotes were edited for clarity.

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