Emerging Innovations Disrupting the World of AI in Social Media

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According to Verified Market Research, the global AI in social media was worth "USD 0.74 billion in 2020" and is expected to increase at a "CAGR of 28.82 percent from 2021 to 2028, reaching USD 6.12 billion by 2028".

Organizations use social media to reach the most significant number of people by assessing the customer's overall perception and learning about their sentiments and responses to brands and goods. On the other hand, these corporations and individuals are eager to protect the privacy of their data, which can only be accomplished via the use of artificial intelligence applications and procedures.

Companies that use artificial intelligence to sell on social media have benefitted three times more than those that do not. Furthermore, ai in social media contributes to the preservation and security of users' and digital owners' privacy and data on social networking sites, as well as increases the profits of companies that use artificial intelligence-based marketing through social media platforms, as revenues increase by 10%, costs decreased, and productivity and logistic networks improved.

But to have accurate results from AI and Ml models, It is essential to train them with high-quality training data so that machines can perform as per the requirements. Several data annotation firms like Cogito and Anolytics, which provide data annotation and labeling services at flexible pricing.

AI and Brand Reputation

All marketers understand the importance of brands and how various circumstances influence stakeholders' perceptions of them. In addition, due to events that impact the brand, brand reputation may grow or decline over time. Because brand reputation does not remain constant, businesses must constantly

monitor their brands to discover whether their reputation is changing and understand which components of the brand are generating these changes.

There are survey-based techniques, but polling stakeholders daily is often too costly to be feasible. Another method is to use ai in media to infer what is happening with a brand's reputation. Automatic text analysis of social media messages using AI is a viable option.


AI in social media marketing has a lot of advantages, including:

1. Processes for marketing and management that are more efficient

2. Insights on user behavior that are useful

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

4. Increased user engagement

5. Improved user experience

6. Better performance insights and more innovative marketing

7. Content targeting that has been fine-tuned

8. Marketing costs are lower.

About Cogito

Cogito is a hybrid data labeling platform following model-assisted labeling (MAL) approach to cater industry's leading businesses. The MAL model leverages a human workforce to label a relevant portion of the training dataset, enabling the AI application's training. Playing an essential part as human-in-the-loop, our solutions encompass business verticals ranging from Retail, Manufacturing, Building, and Construction to Medical, Food processing, E-commerce, and more. Originally published at - prlog

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