This Developer Can Run Windows 11 with Only 400MB of RAM

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The Windows 11 operating system does require quite high resources to run perfectly. Say the amount of RAM and minimum storage required. If your device is below the required specifications, then your PC or laptop will feel heavy and have suboptimal performance.

However, is there a Windows 11 OS that is light and can be used even on potato PCs. This answer is being sought by the tiny11 developer namely NTDev.

He succeeded in creating a Windows 11 22H2 which has a super mini size and doesn't require a large amount of RAM to run it. What does tiny11 look like and can it be used on a daily basis.

As written in the minimum specifications for Windows 11, the OS requires a device that has at least 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. But unlike tiny11, the developer can make this version of Windows 11 run at a size below 8GB and with RAM below 2GB.

This was achieved by NTDev by removing most of the unused features or bloatware. Automatically the Windows file size can be trimmed from the original reaching dozens of Gigabytes, only less than 8GB remains.

NTDev also managed to run Tiny 11 only by consuming 200MB of RAM. Even though the performance of the device will feel very slow and he himself admits that it is not recommended for daily use.

There are Windows users who really like this Windows debloating technique. By using various 3rd party apps specifically designed for debugging, your PC or laptop will feel more responsive.

Programs that are functionally unusable and can be deleted will certainly increase storage and make RAM more spacious. Users with mediocre PC specifications certainly no longer need to upgrade storage or memory.

But that way does have its own risks. In addition to various trimmed features, it is possible that the stability of the system will be disrupted, especially if we do not know the specific use of the program being removed. How about you? Want to give it a try?

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