Sons of the Forest Will Enter Early Access


It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most anticipated games. As the sequel to one of the famous survival games, Forest, the game offers the first trailer with almost every tweak and improvement a fan could wish for.

Dubbed Sons of the Forest, the game presents a world with a beautiful presentation, more monsters and more sinister types of threats, and the ability to collect more resources and, of course, build more objects. I promise you, developer Endnight Games has taken some pretty drastic decisions in terms of what they want to offer.
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Sons of the Forest has set February 24, 2023 as its official release date and will continue to meet that date and be available on the market. However, it will certainly go through an early access process first, rather than being released directly as a full product.

Endnight said it took this decision as a solution instead of delaying the release of this game again. Given that the previous series, The Forest, was seen as very successful with the same involvement, this decision also helps involve the community in the development process.

Endnight himself stated that Sons of the Forest was the most complex game he had ever worked on, and promised to continue adding new items, mechanics and gameplay?

Are you looking forward to this series? While waiting for this game to be released, you can play the previous series, The Forest. You can even play it freely, alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode. Enjoy the atmosphere of survival in the forest in this game series.

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