CGI Film Resident Evil Death Island Shows First Trailer


Capcom is indeed quite diligent in presenting Resident Evil films as a very intentional fan service. Usually, RE films are divided into CGI films or live-action films. Especially for CGI films, usually the story takes a background that will fill in the blanks or plot holes between the games.

Now, Capcom together with Sony Pictures presents a new CGI Resident Evil film with the title Death Island. What did Capcom reveal in the trailer? here's the report!

In Resident Evil Death Island, this time Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine will be the main focus. Leon will take on a mission to save a scientist named Dr. Antonio Taylor from being kidnapped while he is also being hunted by a mysterious woman.

Meanwhile, from a different perspective, Chris is dealing with a zombie outbreak in the city of San Francisco. There is no definite cause nor what virus caused the mess. The only clue is that all of the infected victims have visited the island of Alcataraz , from which Chris' investigation begins.

Jill is also featured in the trailer. Surprisingly, the CGI model on Jill actually took a whole from the Resident Evil 3 Remake version which finally made fans theorize that there would be a flashback of the Racoon City incident which would involve Jill. Resident Evil fans hope that Jill will get a portion of the role that is as big as the other two main characters and not just a flashback. In addition, there is a possibility that Jill and Leon will meet for the first time in person.

Actually the two protagonists who are survivors of the Racoon City disaster have met before, it's just that it's still only off screen and only told through the Resident Evil game documents, this meeting is arguably one that Resident Evil enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Finally, Capcom also provides a tease of Rebecca Chambers who is the protagonist of Resident Evil 0. However, it is possible that her role is limited to someone who will provide direction and instructions to either Chris or Leon.

For the time of release, Capcom said that Resident Evil Death Island will be released this summer. Unfortunately, Capcom has not dared to give an exact date for the release of this film

Many gamers, especially Indonesian gamers, are waiting for Resident Evil 4 Remake which will be released on March 24th. Through Game Informer, Capcom shares even more in-depth gameplay. One thing that caught the attention of the fans was the presence of a new enemy wearing a hammer and wearing a bull's head mask.

besides that, Capcom is back to presenting a BOW wolf with tentacles named Colmillos which sometimes fans mistake for Cerberus. In the remake, Colmillos is made bigger and scarier so that he doesn't look like a dog anymore like in the original version.

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