CrossfireX Game will be Closed, After 1 Year of Release


After years of development, CrossfireX finally got a definite release date at The Game Awards 2021. But unfortunately, when launched, the game was only available to play in multiplayer, where the single-player campaign mode was only released a few days later.
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CrossfireX's multiplayer mode was criticized for a myriad of bug/glitch issues, poor controls and unappealing content. Not only that, the single-player campaign mode is also not what players expect. With so many problems that have haunted since it was first released, not long ago, bad news emerged about this FPS game.

Smilegate Entertainment as the developer released news confirming that CrossfireX will be shut down completely on May 18, 2023 and its sales on the Xbox Store will stop as soon as possible. Surprisingly, apart from the multiplayer mode, the single-player mode of the game will also be unplayable when the server shuts down in mid-May.

Together with that, Smilegate also released an FAQ that answered several questions about the shutdown of their FPS game. It was explained that the game was shut down because it was "not where it should be", although the development team continued to provide fixes, maps, game modes and new content. Players who made purchases within the last 14 days as of February 3 yesterday, will be able to make a refund by contacting Xbox Support.

CrossFireX itself was one of the worst games on Metacritic's version in 2022 yesterday and player perception of the game cannot improve after a disappointing launch. Furthermore, Remedy Entertainment, which worked on its single-player campaign mode, failed to provide an engaging single-player experience, which is expected to make up for the bad multiplayer mode.

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