The Crew Motorfest Announced, Similar to Forza Horizon 5


Even though it doesn't bring many changes in the racing genre game, The Crew series has still succeeded in winning many fans from all over the world through its two main games. Therefore, it's not surprising that many fans believe that Ubisoft as the publisher will continue the open-world racing game series.
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As if to answer this belief, in 2021 yesterday, a new project for The Crew series with the codename "Orlando" reportedly leaked and gave fans hope for a new game. So recently, Ubisoft officially introduced the continuation of the game series developed by Ivory Tower.

Through a short trailer, Ubisoft announced a new game from The Crew series, namely The Crew Motorfest. With a flavor similar to Forza Horizon 5, the trailer that lasts less than 1 minute shows off various locations from beaches to rainforests on O'ahu, one of the beaches in the Hawaiian archipelago. Although no exact release date has been revealed, The Crew Motorfest will certainly launch later this year.

The announcement of The Crew Motorfest actually isn't that surprising, especially given the fact that in November 2022, a leak appeared stating that the beta version of The Crew's new game was heading to Steam. At that time, it was believed that The Crew Motorfest was DLC for The Crew 2 before growing into a separate game.

The presence of The Crew Motorfest is quite interesting especially in the last few months, Ubisoft has been diligent in canceling several of their new games such as Ghost Recon Frontline, Splinter Cell VR and a PvP game with the codename "Project Q". Because, the presence of the new game The Crew seems to indicate that Ubisoft is interested in exploring and growing their own racing game series.

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