Famous YouTuber LinusTechTips Says There's Nothing Wrong with Buying a Used Mining VGA


After the cryptomining fever subsided, VGA Used Mining seemed to flood the market globally. Seeing this, a YouTuber named LinusTechTips concluded that there is nothing wrong with buying a VGA made by the forced labor, especially if the price tag is cheap.

Recently, a YouTuber who is often discussed in technology groups, especially computers, LinusTechTips, uploaded a video in which he said VGA Used Mining doesn't always have to be labeled as bad, and can be an attractive cheap alternative to own.

In fact, the YouTuber mentions a number of interesting points where the used mining VGA is worth having, instead of buying a new one. You can view the video via the source below:

Not just saying 'this is a good VGA', he also checked the innards of the used VGA which proved to be in decent enough condition to accompany him for some time to come.

The YouTuber even claims that the VGA that he tested and made in the form of a video that you can watch above is better maintained than normal use marks, especially if used for gaming.

Linus stressed the point where VGA, which is generally used by gamers, is always in a fluctuating condition where this will be closely related to the potential damage of a VGA. You can check the results below:

So, through the trials he conducted, Linus emphasized that the potential for VGA damage was even greater in normal usage schemes, not mining. This is because the consistency of the voltage consumed by VGA mining is always at a constant level, not fluctuating.

However, still buying a VGA ex-worker has its own risks, and does not guarantee that the VGA will be problem-free in the future.

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