Starting from Android 14, we can use smartphones to become webcams


Continuing the success of the previous operating system, Android 14 is said to bring a variety of interesting features, including allowing us to use the smartphone we use as a webcam substitute. Is that right?
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Information regarding the Android 14 operating system was leaked by technology observer, Mishaal Rahman. Where through his Twitter account, he found a change in the code in the operating system that was not clear when this would be launched. You can read the tweet below:

However, Mishaal stressed that to be able to use the Android 14-based smartphone to become a webcam, you will still need an application or service that can accommodate it.

The potential of Android 14 seems quite convincing, especially one of which is to make our smartphone like a webcam. This will certainly be quite helpful, especially for those who do not happen to have or carry a webcam while studying and working.

Actually, we can use our smartphone to be used as a webcam. However, the execution can be said to be quite complicated, because we have to use applications like Camo.

So, on this latest Android operating system, we don't have to bother installing the application, and just plug it into the computer we use via USB. Of course, this will be quite helpful, especially if by chance the webcam we are using is damaged, or it could be borrowed by a friend.

What do you think? It seems that the potential of this Android-based operating system will offer various features that are no less interesting in the future!

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