Back 4 Blood Update Stopped, Developers Want to Focus on Making New Games


Created as a successor to Left 4 Dead which hasn't had a new game since 2009, Back 4 Blood has a similar zombie shooter concept with an emphasis on cooperative play with other players. Even though it didn't have as big an impact as Left 4 Dead, the game developed by Turtle Rock Studios still received support throughout 2022.

This support is presented in the form of new content that is expected to help the game become even better compared to when it was first released. Now, after a little over a year, there's bad news regarding Turtle Rock Studios' support of the co-op multiplayer game.

Through its official website, Turtle Rock Studios said that development support for new content for this game will be completely discontinued. In other words, the third expansion, River of Blood, which was released about two months ago, will be the last new content added to the zombie game.

Apart from thanking the players for the support they have provided during this time, the American developer also explained the reasons why support for the game was discontinued. Turtle Rock Studios explained that their development team was too small to work on many games and thus, they have now decided to focus on developing new games.

Even though they will no longer receive new content, Turtle Rock Studios ensures that the decision they make is not a goodbye for Back 4 Blood. They explained that the shooter game would still be online and playable, and would still be available via Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium.

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