Lasting 2 Months, Auto Chess MOBA Closes Server


The end of January 2023 was filled with announcements of server closures by various mobile games. And one of those games is Auto Chess MOBA. This game developed by Drodo Studio has just announced its closure some time ago.

This announcement is quite surprising because Auto Chess MOBA has just announced a soft launch on December 1, 2022. Content creators and game streamers are also still actively playing it.

The main reason this game announced the server shutdown was due to several obstacles. These problems are lagging, ping drops, unstable network, long matchmaking times, and so on.

For now, these problems still cannot be fully resolved and greatly affect the playing experience of gamers who play Auto Chess MOBA.

Of course, this did not meet Drodo Studio's expectations as the developer of this game. And with a heavy heart, the developer announced that they will close the game server which is a spinoff of the famous Auto Battler game.

As of January 30, 2023, this game's DLC cannot be downloaded and all top-up portals have been deactivated. On February 6, 2023 this game will be released from the Google Play Store and the companion app will turn off features for this game.

And the server closing will be held on February 28, 2023. All the currency from this top-up game will be transferred to the Auto Chess Mobile game if the player has bind account login via Dragonest.

At first glance, the map in this game is made to follow the Dota 2 style where the Bottom Lane and Top Lane are Asymmetric. There will be 1040 trees that can be destroyed, 18 Creep Camps, and 12 High-ground platforms.

Other mechanics such as the Day-night Cycle will also be present in this game. Side Line Creep will also be different from MOBA in general where Safe Lane and Off-line will be clearly visible. Of course, Safe lane creeps will fight a little closer to their Tower, thus explaining that the lane is Safe Lane.

With these features, many gamers think that this game looks similar to Dota 2. This is reasonable because Auto Chess MOBA takes the hero from the Auto Chess game which was originally an arcade game from the Dota 2 game.

Currently, Auto Chess MOBA can still be played on the Android and iOS platforms. This game will close soon on February 28, 2023.

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