4A Games Releases Metro Exodus Engine for Modders


Almost all gamers who love games with post-apocalyptic themes will likely be no stranger to 4A Games and their flagship franchise – Metro. Being one of the developers who currently has to suffer because of the unresolved conflict between Ukraine – Russia, 4A Games has succeeded in stealing the hearts of gamers with Metro which does have a unique identity. Starting from a world that only exists in underground tunnels to the exploration process in a more open world via the Exodus series, they will continue to explore this universe. How cool again? They also allow the community to express their creativity.

Metro ExodusPhoto by4A Games/Steam

4A Games has just released the Exodus SDK which will be accessible via Metro Exodus or Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. You can simplify it as a "Metro Exodus engine" that allows modders to access and change many things, and from there it ends up adding content to Metro Exodus.

The Exodus SDK will allow modders to modify cut-scenes, change character and monster models, change AI navigation, add or replace particle effects, change terrain, change weather, change camera motion, to the visual script in it. Thus, modders and fans can enjoy Metro Exodus in their own way.This is of course a fun thing because of the freedom that will be given. You can enjoy Metro Exodus from 4A games in the most creative and enjoyable way possible.

4A Games gives modders the freedom to make the most of Metro Exodus they can with one extra note – the content is not sold in commercial form or locked behind any paid systems.

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