Sales of The Last of Us Part I Increase 230% in UK Due to the Success of the Series


A right decision to bring a video game franchise to the big screen or silver in today's modern era is a double-edged sword strategy that can end up being two things in the extreme camps - being praised by giving birth to a new "soul" of success or ending up being cursed - cursed on the internet and treated like a big joke. Despite the success stories and failures that continue to be heard, every project like this always sounds and looks interesting to us gamers. In the case of The Last of Us, which finally aired on HBO, luckily it ended up being a success story.
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The positive reception received by the film series The Last of Us, which has already aired 2 episodes on HBO at the time this news was written, also contributed positively to the video game itself. The game, which has just received a remake for the Playstation 5, has experienced a sales spike of up to 230% in the UK market.

Of the games that kicked off the list of best-selling games, The Last of Us Part I immediately crawled up to the top 20. What's more interesting? Sales of the "old" version - The Last of Us Remastered also experienced a similar surge with an increase of around 322% from the previous week, making it occupy 32nd place in the UK best-selling game chart. Remember, this data is only recorded from sales of the physical version, where there is a possibility that sales of the digital version contribute to even greater numbers.

The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsay as Ellie has received positive responses from gamers and non-gamers so far.

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