The New Need for Speed Reportedly Will Release December 2022


Need for Speed ​​is the name of the racing game franchise from EA Games. From the various financial reports announced by EA and a teaser they released, the latest Need for Speed ​​series is a hot topic.

This can be seen from a teaser that they released using the Frostbite Engine. Thus, it can be seen that the latest series of this franchise is being developed. Even so, until then the public's waiting still has not found a definite answer.

However, this wait seems to be coming to an end shortly. This comes from two well-known leakers, namely InsiderWTF (whose identity is not yet known) and also well-known journalist, Tom Henderson. EA Games will reportedly introduce its newest Need for Speed ​​to the public soon.

In addition, the name carried by EA Games for this franchise is Need for Speed ​​Unbound. In this series, the multiplayer experience is the main focus for the players. Moreover, what is interesting, of course, is the leak about how he will adapt the various crazy effects with a thick anime flavor in it as well.

Tom Henderson also said that Need for Speed ​​Unbound will be released in early December 2022. This game will also be compatible with various devices such as Playstation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. This will certainly provide various opportunities for gamers to play this game. You can play Need for Speed ​​Unbound on a PC or console according to your taste.

The first announcement from EA is believed to come in October 2022. With the presence of a new series from this franchise, of course, will add the choice of the current racing genre.

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