Google Stadia will Officially Be Discontinued


Cloud gaming has become an interesting phenomenon lately. Almost all gamers seem to agree that cloud gaming is the future of gaming companies. The possibility to enjoy the game of your dreams wherever and whenever you want. You can use the process that the system carried out on the server of the developer or publisher instead of your machine. Therefore, you can then be tasted on any type of device which is like a dream that needs to be true.

Many industries are flocking to start exploring this wide-open market, including Google with Google Stadia. but sadly, Google's conclusion is hand in hand. Stadia is also officially discontinued.

On their official post site, Google frankly has made a solid foundation for cloud gaming technology. but sadly, Google Stadia failed to attract the same market demand they had hoped for until they wanted to discontinue Stadia.

Google has also confirmed that it will shift the Stadia team to another Google rival while ensuring its technology will be adapted for other well-known Google services such as Google Play, Youtube, and their AR technology ventures.

With the cessation of Google Stadia, you can use alternatives from other cloud gaming providers. In addition, you can also use hardware that matches the needs of your game specifications. You can also freely choose a PC or console as your gaming device.

All positive Stadia gamer honorarium performances from hardware or application factors will be refunded directly by Google. Stadia services will continue to be available until January 18, 2023, before the conclusion is closed.

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