6 Red Ornamental Plants to Create Eccentric Home Garden


Currently, ornamental plants have become the most important part of decorating the side of the room in your home. Green ornamental plants are very common around you, have you ever thought that the red color in ornamental plants is very unique and looks enchanting for ornamental plant lovers. Red ornamental plants have special characteristics in their leaves, this time we will discuss the Red Ornamental Plant Ideas: Create an Eccentric Home Garden. Let's discuss!

Why do ornamental plants have red leaves or flowers? The red color of the leaves or flowers come from the anthocyanin pigment, this substance that causes the red color to dissolve in the color pigment that is not suitable, and this red leafy plant has its charm. This ornamental plant, even though it has red leaves, can still photosynthesize.


Bromeliads are famous for tropical plants, plants that are almost similar to pineapples are still one type. Bromeliads come in a variety of colors red, purple, and yellow. The color that is often in demand is red itself.

Characteristics of Bromeliads:

  • The leaves are maroon.
  • Plants that are easy to adapt to various conditions.
  • Classified as dry plants.


Croton plants are famous for their moist plants. This ornamental plant is very suitable to be placed on the terrace of your house because this plant must be exposed to full sun. This ornamental plant has a variety of colors in its leaves but dominates the red color.

Characteristics of Croton:

  • Leaves are red and have patches of green, orange, purple, and yellow.
  • Plants that are easy to care for.
  • Classified as damp plants.

Bloodleaf Iresine

This ornamental plant is unique in that it looks like spinach but is red. This one plant is easy to adapt to various weather, very suitable if placed on your home page.

Characteristics of Bloodleaf Iresine:

  • Shaped like red spinach leaves.
  • Plants that are easy to adapt to various weather.
  • Classified a bit complicated in the treatment.


The coleus plant is still classified as a type of mint leaf. This ornamental plant is not good if it is constantly in the sun, it would be nice to put it in a shady place. The placement of this plant is usually placed near the window of the house that is very minimal in sunlight.

Coleus features:

  • Shaped like a red mint leaf and has a unique pattern on each leaf edge.
  • Plants that require minimal sunlight.
  • It's complicated in its care.

Copperleaf Plant

This ornamental plant has large and unique leaves with jagged edges, the colors vary widely in maroon, orange, and navy. Copperleaf plant loves sunlight. This ornamental plant is very suitable to be placed in your home garden.

Characteristics of Copperleaf Plant:

  • The leaves are large and serrated at each edge.
  • Plants that require full sun.
  • It is relatively easy to maintain.


Bougenville ornamental plants, this one is very unique, the flowers are very thin like paper. Has very diverse colors red, yellow, white, purple. This plant loves sunlight but must be watered at any time. Bougenville vines are perfect for placing on the walls outside your home.

Features of Bougenville:

  • Has flowers that are thin like paper and a variety of colors.
  • Plants that love sunlight but must be watered all the time
  • Maintenance is very easy.

Thus our discussion of Red Ornamental Plant Ideas: Create an Eccentric Home Garden, so you can choose which plants to place in your home. The red leaf ornamental plants that we have discussed are just a tip for you. Happy gardening!

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