Modern Rustic Living Room : Getting The Natural Nuances in Modern Concept


Interest in rustic design is indeed decreasing. Because, in this day and age, people will prefer a house model with a modern concept. Meanwhile, the rustic design has the characteristics of an old and worn look. One example is the rustic design that lets the wood show its rough texture. Where in modern homes, wood is made as smooth as possible. That way, the glossy appearance will make the house look more classy.

However, there is something superior to the rustic design. This design has a rich natural nuance. So, a rustic design house will feel very calm and comfortable. Natural hues and natural elements are the characteristics of this design.

Because many people want their homes to feel comfortable with natural nuances, but still want a modern concept house. Therefore, modern rustic is presented. This design is indeed very interesting. Like combining two eras into one, that is the past and the present. Which of course clashes. However, the results are actually satisfactory. A modern rustic design room has its own characteristics.

In modern rustic design, the colors applied are still the same, that is natural colors, such as white, brown, and black. And to give the room a more up-to-date effect, these three colors can be used. Playing with these three colors is the easiest way.

In a modern concept house, usually, the appearance will be made more firm. Therefore, multiply the use of brown and black. Some of you may worry that it can make a room feel cramped and stuffy. However, all of this can be avoided. In modern concept houses, there will be many large windows. So that natural lighting that enters the room is much more. And this can remove the cramped and stuffy feeling of the dark colors applied to the room.

Furthermore, to make the room look balanced, the white color is still selected and applied. White color is usually applied to the walls of the room.

In modern rustic design, natural elements are still chosen to give a bolder natural feel. However, the color of the wood used tends to look darker. In addition, a wooden surface with a smooth and glossy surface is preferred. With this, modern concepts will be clearly visible and you can still enjoy the soothing natural nuances at home.

To emphasize the rustic design in the modern room, you can apply natural stone on some walls of the room. It is highly recommended to choose a fireplace spot. With this, the fireplace will become a focal point and make the room look more attractive.

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