How To Set Up The Lighting in Modern House Design


When you hear modern house design, you may immediately think of a house with a contemporary model. Or maybe a house that follows trendy. Or maybe a house with today's modern styles.

In fact, modern home design is more than that. This house not only looks more up to date but also the atmosphere of the house feels more calm and comfortable. In this house, the interior concept is kept to a minimum. Furniture with a minimalist design was chosen to decorate the room. In addition, the decorations are also more minimized. So, in the modern home design, there will be more free space, which makes the house feel more spacious.
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Not only that, a calm and comfortable atmosphere is also present from other factors. One of them is the selection of natural hues and natural elements. Calm natural colors will create a calmer feel for the house. Coupled with natural hues, emphasizing the natural nuances, which makes this residence feel more comfortable.

For lighting problems, modern home design can be said to be very energy efficient. Why is that? This is because this one house tends to make natural lighting the main lighting of the room. So, the lights are only used for certain times.

Because it utilizes natural lighting as a source of lighting for rooms, modern house design relies on glass material. So, don't be surprised if modern house design is often dubbed the glass house.

In modern house design, the windows used tend to be large. In addition, the use of windows with grills tends to be avoided. Because, in modern house design, as much as possible the appearance of the house is made to look plain or minimalist.

Besides large windows, modern house design also replaces the use of wooden doors with glass doors. A sliding glass door is the most popular type of door. This one door not only allows natural light to enter the room freely, but also saves more space in the room. In this way, you can still place the furniture behind the door.

Besides glass doors and large windows, modern house design is also often applied to a glass facade. Indeed, glass facades are usually applied to tall buildings. However, now the glass facade has penetrated into housing. Especially the modern-style houses.

In a modern-style house, usually, the glass facade will be combined with wood or natural stone meters. So, the exterior appearance of the house looks calmer and not stiff.

The use of a glass facade is indeed very good in giving a minimalist appearance and a modern concept perfectly to the house. However, the glass facade cannot be opened like a window. So, use a pure glass facade to maximize natural light for the room. You can't take advantage of this to make the air circulation in the house run properly.

Therefore, in setting up the lighting in your modern house design, you must first know what your home needs. For more perfect results, you can use large windows, glass doors, and glass facades at the same time for your home. It's just, of course, in different spots.

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