The Things You Must Consider from Using Native Plants to Decorate The Room


Decorating a room with plants is the best way to give it a fresh impression. The room will also feel more relaxed. Natural green colors can make the interior look more balanced. Besides that, some plants also have benefits, such as keeping the air in the room clean, eliminating unpleasant odors that are annoying, or even repelling insects that enter through windows or doors.

However, behind all that, of course, there are treatments that you have to do with the plants in the room. The goal is of course to make plants last longer. In choosing plants for the room, you have to make sure whether the plants you choose can be used in the room or not. Do plants need natural lighting or not. How resistant is the plant to humidity in the room.
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For plants that need natural lighting in their growth, then you must place the plants in an area that is exposed to direct natural light. Like next to the window.

Plants also need water for them to grow up properly. Therefore, take the plant out and provide enough water. For plants that don't use a lot of water, you can water them right away without having to get them out of your room. The presence of plants can also affect the cleanliness of the room. The soil in the pot sometimes makes the floor dirty. So, make sure you regularly sweep the crop area.

Also, apply a pest spray to keep the plant pest-free. We will not know whether the plant can invite pests or not. The pests themselves can enter through windows or doors. And of course, it greatly affects the appearance and comfort of the room. Don't forget to fertilize the plants. Plants that are indoors will get less nutrition than plants in the garden or backyard. By providing fertilizer regularly, plant nutrition will be well maintained and stable.

Healthy plants will develop well. Whether it's towering or thicker leaves. Do not leave the plant untreated. Sometimes leaves from plants can fall to the floor and make the room dirty. So, to keep the plant beautiful, make sure you prune it regularly.

Replace plant pots if the plants in your room are getting big. The roots of the plant will need a bigger container too, of course. So, adjust the pot to the size of the plant. You can also take advantage of this stage to make the room look more aesthetic. Choosing a pot with a beautiful design and color is an interesting option to choose from.

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