Japandi Interior Ideas: Feeling Cozy in The Room That Full of Tranquility


Japandi interior design was only present in early 2017. So, it is only natural that you are still not familiar with this one design. The word Japandi itself stands for Japanese and Scandinavian. It does sound so interesting. Two different cultures united in one design.

However, even so, Scandinavian and Japanese have something in common, such as bringing more natural nuances with natural elements that can provide serenity for the home. Not only that, but the natural hues also play an important role in creating a natural calm in the room.

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Another similarity between Scandinavian and Japanese is applying a minimalist concept that is aesthetically pleasing. So, naturally, a Japandi-style room will be full of tranquility. The nuance of this design itself is soothing warmth. This is because Japandi design relies more on wood elements as the main element. The wood used in this design is chosen in a lighter color to make the room look naturally bright.

Wooden furniture usually comes in the form of floors and furniture. To give a more aesthetic impression, the wood accent wall is an interesting idea to apply to the room. You can choose timber with a glossy surface to create beautiful walls. Try not to decorate the room with decorations that can make it look full. Although decorations can make a room look attractive, too many decorations can interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the room.

In creating the perfect minimalist concept, make sure you choose furniture with a minimalist design. Avoid carvings that seem intricate. When placing furniture in the room, pay attention to rarely one item with another. Make sure the distance is not too close to show a minimalist impression of the room.

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Do not forget about plants for the room. Plants are an important decoration in presenting natural nuances in a Japandi-style room. There is no need to use a large number of plants, one to three plants are enough to make a Japandi room look pretty and beautiful.

In Scandinavian design, it is more true to apply bright colors such as white, beige, and gray. Whereas in the Japanese design, the colors used are darker, such as brown. However, don't hesitate to combine these colors in one room. You can combine the bright color with dark colors to create the perfect Japandi room.

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For lighting problems, Japandi itself prioritizes natural lighting. The light from the sun is indeed the most appropriate to make the room feel livelier and also soothe. However, for light at night, choose warm lighting to make the room look sot also calm.

That is our discussion about Japandi Interior Ideas: Feeling Cozy in The Room That Full of Tranquility. By using an interior design that suits you, you can create an interior view that suits your preferences in creating a comfortable and beautiful home. For that, one of the interior designs that you can use for your home is Japandi. Using this interior design will give you a warm and comfortable interior atmosphere and character. For that, create a Japanese interior design that is cozy and full of tranquility. Happy decorating!

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