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3 Gardening Tips for Beginner : Beautiful Garden in A Simple Ways


Just wait a month to two months, spring will arrive. The snow scene will be replaced with flowers blooming. And it's time for you to re-arrange the garden in your house.
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Actually, making a garden at home look attractive and beautiful is not difficult. You only need to know the right tips and tricks. And in this article, we have provided 3 Gardening Tips for Beginners.

1. Determine The Location

The first thing that must be prepared, of course, is a place. Make sure you choose the perfect location.

In determining the location, you have to look at which spots are exposed to the sun for longer. This is because plants need three to six hours of sun exposure for them to thrive.

Not only that, but you also have to pay attention to water sources that are close to plants. This is very useful so that the plants do not dry out and wither. In addition, it will also help you to water your plants more easily.

2. Use Enriched Soil Mix

Sunlight and water are indeed important components for plants. However, of course this does not stop there. In order for plants to grow properly, they also need a rich content of the soil. So, the use of an enriched soil mix is the second tip for beginners in gardening.

There are a variety of fertilizers that you can buy at a plant shop. And before using it, you can prepare the soil first. Then mix it with the fertilizer you bought. As well as providing nutrients to plants, it will also work well for improving dry soil in the outdoors.

3. Categorize The Plants

This one is also very important. In planting plants in the garden, it is not arbitrary. You have to pay attention to the visualization of the garden too. So, not only planting random plants that you like, but you also have to pay attention to the beauty of the garden itself.

Categorizing plants is an important part, especially for beginners. You can plant one type of plant in one spot, and another type in another spot. This can give several different colors to each spot in the garden.

Besides that, categorizing plants can give the garden more space. And you can take advantage of this space to serve as a fun gathering place.

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