Here Are The Effective Tips for Cooling Your Room Without AC

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Hot weather can have a big impact on home comfort. The rooms in your house will feel very hot. And the only way to make it feel good is to make the room feel cold. AC is often chosen for cooling the room. It's just that, the use of AC is not good for the earth. Besides that, AC will also make electricity bills soar. Therefore, it is far more to make the room feel cool without using air conditioning. And this is where we have provided the effective tips that you can follow.

Open The Window

The window is a tool that can connect outside the house and inside the house. The use of windows is usually to allow natural light to enter the room freely. However, windows can also be used to make air circulation in the room work properly.

To make the room feel cooler, you can open a window. Make sure there are no window decorations that can hinder the process of getting air into the room, such as curtains or other things.

Place Some Ice in Front of Fan

The only tool that can make a room feel cold without using air conditioning is a wind fan. However, the wind fan also cannot work optimally in making the room feel cold. And here, you can place some ice or tank of cold water in front of the fan. That way, you enjoy a cooler room without using air conditioning.

Install Ceiling Fan

Then there is a ceiling fan that you can use in the room. Ceiling fans will be much more efficient at making the room feel cold without air conditioning. In fact, currently there is a ceiling fan with lamp. So, you can make the room feel like a wall as well as make it as artificial lighting that can make the room look bright at night.

Invest in Cooling Bedding

The next tip for cooling rooms without air conditioning is to invest in cooling bedding. There are various kinds of cooling mattresses that you can choose from in the shops. In addition, pay attention to the bedding used for the mattress. Try to choose cotton bedding. This one ingredient is best for giving a cool feeling to the skin.

That is our discussion about Here Are The Effective Tips for Cooling Your Room Without AC. By using the various tips above, you can create the most comfortable and pleasant interior for all your daily activities. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.

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