Modern Rustic Design : Bringing Warm and Minimalist Look in A Different Way


The rustic style is certainly familiar. The thick natural atmosphere makes the rustic interior design feel warm. Coupled with wooden elements that bring out the natural feel perfectly.

In ancient times, the rustic style was known to be shabby, worn, and unsightly. Because there are only wood and natural stone materials that make it look unattractive. However, nowadays the rustic style has developed. One of them is Modern Rustic Design.

A modern concept that emphasizes a simple, minimalist, clean, and functional appearance will look attractive when combined with a rustic design.

As seen in the image below. Wood and natural stone elements present a rustic design. However, modern concepts are no less. Minimalist design furniture gives a different look to this living room. Minimalist fireplace with glossy surface gives a real modern effect. Coupled with an LED TV right above it and a beautiful pendant lamp that hangs freely from the ceiling.

If usually the wood rustic design is left with a rough texture, but in this one image it is not. To carry a modern concept to the living room, the wood surface is made smooth and glossy. So, no more outdated and unattractive look of rustic design.

Modern rustic designs also often look more luxurious and classy. By maintaining natural elements such as natural stone and wood, the room still feels warm and calm, like a rustic room in general. It's just that, there are some modern touches on the furniture and other items used. Such as a touch of gold color iron legs dining chair, luxury pendant lamps, and fireplace.

It's quite easy to apply this one design. You only need to rely on natural elements as the main material of the room. And for a modern twist, you can play with lighting, furniture, and color. In this way, you can bring a warm and minimalist look differently.

(all images source : Pixabay)

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