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5 Tips for Visiting New Orleans

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New Orleans is quite possibly one of the most fun and unique cities in the United States. Known as the home of Mardi Gras and the birthplace of Jazz, travelers have been flocking to the city for a good time for decades.

While some events and activiites may be limited this year, New Orleans remains an excellent choice for those looking to get on the road this summer and do some exploring here at home.

These 5 tips for visiting New Orleans are perfect for those who have never been to the city before. I'm hopeful you'll find these tips useful in planning a visit of your own. Above all else, I hope you have a fantastic time visiting New Orleans.

1. Book a hotel in the French Quarter

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If this is your first time in New Orleans, you're most likely going to be doing the popular touristy things that are located in and around the French Quarter.

So to make your trip a little easier and hassle free, just book your hotel there too. This way you are not having to waste valuable time commuting in and out of the city during your visit.

My own recent hotel search for French Quarter hotels showed plenty of availability with options to suit any budget.

My general advice for travelers when selecting a place to stay, book the nicest place you can afford without stretching your budget. I'm at the age where comfort is more important than saving a few dollars, but budget hotels are certainly available.

2. Visit in the spring or fall

I recommend visiting New Orleans in the spring or fall. The high season in the city runs from February to May, which of course overlaps with Mardi Gras and the spring travel season.

You'll generally find the best weather in spring or fall with mild temperatures and very few rainy days.

If you're looking for lower hotel prices and lighter crowds, consider booking in the fall. If you really want a deal book in the winter. Just be advised that you will frequently encounter gray skies and rainy days.

Summers in New Orleans are also busy, though generally not as busy as the spring. You'll have blue skies but also hotter temperatures.

Average temperatures for New Orleans in July range from the 70s to 90s. You'll have to watch out for that humidity though as well.

3. Explore outside the French Quarter

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So even though I recommended that you book your accommodations in the French Quarter, that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore elsewhere during your visit.

There is tons to see just outside of the French Quarter. I highly recommend taking a cemetery tour and visitng the Garden District.

If you're willing to go further outside the city I recommend heading to Jean Lafitte National Park. This is the perfect way to see Louisiana wetlands and swamps, not to mention the local wildlife.

4. Don't miss the live music

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You can't visit New Orleans without taking in some live music. You'll find jazz bands playing in clubs all along Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street.

For the most part, you can just wander in to the various venues if you hear something you like. Some places may have a bit of a wait, but its often worth sticking around for.

5. Plan ahead when attending large events in the city

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While there may not be many large events happening this year, you'll want to book very early if you do plan on attending one.

Large events in New Orleans will often cause the best hotels to sell out well advance. You don't want to get stuck far outside the city and have to commute back and forth everyday.

You also don't want to get stuck at a hotel you really don't like while you're on vacation. Plan to book your hotel as soon as you buy tickets for your event.

I hope you've found these 5 tips for visiting New Orleans helpful in planning a trip of your own. If you enjoyed this article please consider giving me a follow. As always, thanks for reading.

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