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7 Things you didn't know you could do in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, otherwise known as 'Sin City', is a city of excesses. Everything here is larger than life. The lights, the sounds...the prices.. It's is a sensory explosion.

But with so much going on around virtually every corner, you're almost guaranteed to leave a few stones unturned. Most visitors tend to check off the big ticket items on their first couple of visits; the casinos, the clubs, the gun ranges etc., but what if you're looking for something new and ridiculous?

Here's a list of some of the more unusual things you can find if you look in the right places. Most can be found within the city itself, but some of the more scenic adventures might include a short drive.

1. Dig holes and drive a bulldozer

This is brilliant and absurb in equal measures. While some people might see this as paying to work, for others the chance to operate some heavy construction equipment is a dream come true. Choose between an excavator, a bulldozer or a skid steer and then get to work! Dig trenches, push dirt and stack tires to your heart's content! Check out Dig This Las Vegas for more information

2. Take a Zipline from the world's biggest slot machine

Locals will know all about this one, but to anyone else, yes this really is a thing. Fremont Street is Las Vegas's old casino district, and one of the biggest highlights there is the Slotzilla slot machine you'll find slap bang in the centre of the pedestrian street.

Slotzilla has two purposes; to be the world's biggest slot machine, standing at an absurd 128ft tall, and to operate as a podium for launching zip-liners.

From the top of Slot Zilla, you'll be harnessed up and flung face first (like a torpedo) down Fremont Street. It's truly the most amazing way to experience the flashing lights and excitement of Fremont Street, and is definitely worth doing once.

3. Ride a rail bike through the desert

As far as unique experiences go, this one might take the cake. Visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum outside the city, and take a 4 mile pedal powered railbike tour along the train tracks. Think of it as a scenic desert rollercoaster (although perhaps a little less high octane).

Tours run throughout the day, sunset and even at night, and once you've reached the bottom of the hill, you'll take a ride on a vintage train back to the top.

4. Transport yourself to Mars in the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is just an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. As you reach the gates to the park, the rocks will turn from a dusty beige colour to a bright red. The rocks rise out of the ground in bizarre formations that will make you feel like you've genuinely been transported to another planet.

The views here are astonishing, and there are plenty of interesting walks you can take to explore the area and enhance your visit. The fire wave is probably the most well known desert hike here, but even if you're not into hiking, it's a great place to visit and experience the sweltering desert sun and the arid Nevada wilderness. Watch out for rattlesnakes!

5. Visit a ghost town

Before Las Vegas became a gambler's paradise, Nevada was a part of the gold rush. And for a time, mining towns popped up all over the state to house the hordes of prospectors chasing riches.

Once the gold rush was over, many of these towns were abandoned, and today, there are actually more ghost towns in Nevada than inhabited towns!

If you're feeling brave, then visiting a creepy ghost town is an absolute must in Nevada. Stop in to Nelson ghost town, just a 45 minute drive from the strip, and experience a, somewhat creepy, slice of history. You can even take a mine tour if you're feeling brave!

6. Get insulted at Dick's Last Resort

If you enjoy service with a smile, then this restaurant is not for you. Dick's Last Resort promises an unforgettible meal full of sarcasm and sneers from your server. But don't worry, it's all an act, and the rowdiness is all part of the fun!

You can find Dick's Last Resort in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino at the South end of the strip.

7. Visit a Christmas Cactus Garden

Last of all, as it's the holiday season, I thought I'd throw in something seasonal. As pine trees aren't exactly commonplace in the Nevada Desert, people get creative with their Christmas lights. And none more so than the Ethel M Chocolate factory with its Seasonal Holiday Cactus Garden. Take an hour to stroll around the enormous cactus garden and enjoy the light show. It's a great experience for kids and, of course, there's plenty of chocolate to enjoy when you're finished!

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas is clearly bursting with amazing ideas and things to do, and hopefully this list has given you a bit of inspiration for your next visit!

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