2/5 for Four Good Days!

Being a media student, cinema is my thing. Recently, I sat down to watch Four Good Days. The acting was beyond amazing, the theme was interesting, but it was not catchy enough to make me clutch to my seat throughout the film.

The movie deals with an estranged relationship between a daughter and her mother affected by deception, disloyalty, and the opioid epidemic. Close and Kunis perform a very beautifully choreographed dance that generates sparks throughout the movie. Glenn Close - who plays the role of a mother named Deb, and Kunis is her daughter.

The film deals with the journey of Molly against drug addiction and is a long-time heroin addict. After Molly gets released from the hospital, she shows up at her mother's house unannounced. She doesn't want her mother’s help or shelter, but she is looking for any item in the house she could sell to get her next hit.

The mother tries to control every aspect of her daughter’s addictive life, and the whole picture falls accurately into the frame. Molly wants to pursue a life of sobriety and continue doing that; she has to take injections. To be eligible for the injections, she has to stay sober for at least four more days and has to rely on her mother for support.

Rodrigo Garcia’s direction was good, and the movie is an inspiration from Washington Post’s article - "How's Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies, and an American Addiction."

It is a one-time watch.!

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