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Deconstruct decimates at Goldfield Trading Post

Robert J Hansen
Deconstruct with the crowd after their performance at Goldfield on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2023.Photo by(Photo courtesy of Frankie James)

(Roseville, Calif.) Post-apocalyptic metal band Deconstruct absolutely destroyed the nearly sold-out crowd as they hit the scene in their first performance at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville last night.

The crowd of roughly 500 people were gobsmacked when Deconstruct took the stage looking like they just survived Armageddon then started playing “False Idols” amidst an elaborate light show.

The band’s heavy and hard-hitting yet melodic style had people head banging and shaking their asses as Deconstruct gave people a complete show.

“That’s what Deconstruct is. What we wanted to show everybody is that we're bringing the show back to show,” said bassist Bobby M.F. Real in an earlier interview.

Lead guitar player Joe Fraulob said they aim to create the kind of show that they would want to see.

“When we go to a concert we want to see a show. We don't want to just see a band standing there and playing the album,” Fraulob said.
Deconstruct lead singer Ash Hades and drummer Tom Frost performing at Goldfield Trading Post on Feb. 18, 2023Photo by(Photo by Frankie James)

And putting on a show was exactly what Deconstruct did.

“It's not a bunch of guys standing there with their T-shirts and jeans on, banging their heads and looking at the neck of their guitar,” Real said.

The rhythm section of drummer Tom Frost and bassist Bobby Real was as tight as the leather pants that many of the women were wearing at the Saturday show. 

Deconstruct had the clearest sound of all the bands that night. Which wasn’t because of any shortcomings of the other bands but a testament to how clean their sound was.

Frost’s precision on the toms and symbols was unmatched all night except for his own booming double bass.

Each tasty hook Fraulob graced the crowd with was intertwined with Frost’s appropriate and elaborate drumming.

Lead singer Ash Hades describes Deconstruct’s sound as a mix of new metal with old-school trash and a bit of punk.

“I think it's got some new metal vibes from back in the day with like, post-thrash-core tendencies, a little bit of punk as well,” Hades said.
Chris Elkins (right) and and Chris Alosi (left) of Failure by Proxy opening for Deconstruct at Goldfield in Roseville on Feb.18, 2023.Photo by(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Sacramento band Failure by Proxy (FxP) kicked off the night with the high energy the crowd needed to get going.

FxP had catchy lyrics that came with crucial backup vocals from bassist Chris Alosi.

FxP had a strong alternative-influenced type of metal that had people singing along with lead singer Chris Elkins.
Devin Manzanares (left) and Darren Chaney (right) of Unprovoked performing at Goldfield in Roseville on Saturday, February 18, 2023.Photo by(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

After FxP was the five-piece thrash metal band, Unprovoked.

The years of experience were evident with their crunchy and speedy sound which was reminiscent of Machinehead or Pantera.

Unprovoked had the crowd pumped because about halfway through their set, they set off the only mosh-pit of the night which broke out in the middle of the floor.

After increasing the vocals a slight bit, Unprovoked played a tight and solid set which kept most of the crowd moving throughout the set.
Deconstruct lead vocalist Ash Hades and drummer Tom Frost performing at Goldfield in Roseville on Saturday, February 18, 2023.Photo by(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Deconstruct practiced for about a year before playing their first show at Goldfield last night.

“Yeah, we've been working on it for a while, man,” Fraulob said. “Just really trying to get it down man get together.”

“Right before COVID was when we got together,” Fraulob said. “Bobby, Tom and I.  Then the other singer moved to Idaho which just made it hard.”

So they decided they wanted to switch things up which is when Ash Hades joined Deconstruct as its frontman and vocalist.

Real said they have been building and welding for the few months that led up to the show and have been modifying and developing everybody's costuming.

“We’re coming to work every day,” Real said.

Deconsruct’s official video for the single “False Idols” can be found here and also can be found on Spotify.

Follow Deconstruct on Facebook to stay updated on the next show which tentatively is scheduled for sometime in July.

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