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Stanford “not investigating” law professor’s harassment and sexist tweets

Robert J Hansen

Petition with 11,000 signatures calling on Stanford to reprimand or terminate Professor Michele Dauber
Stanford University law professor Michele Dauber.Photo by(MediaNews Group via Getty Images)

Robert J Hansen / Newsbreak, Sacramento

(Sacramento, Calif.) Standard University is not investigating law professor Michele Dauber for comments made on Twitter that some people are calling harassment and sexist, according to Stephen Chen, Stanford Title IX Coordinator.

“Thank you for sharing your concerns and complaints regarding Michele Dauber with the University. We have reviewed and considered your complaint and will not be initiating an investigation,” Chen said in an email last week.

Chen’s email was a response to Kursat Pekgoz, CEO of a Turkish real estate company, who is one of an handful who filed the Title IX complaint, expressed concerns about Dauber’s conduct.

Pekgoz was disappointed with the decision.

“ … administrators informed me recently that they will not be taking any action concerning the Title IX & Ethics complaint, in clear violation of civil rights laws and common sense principles,” Pekgoz said.Pekgoz later filed a formal complaint against Dauber on January 1, 2023, demanding an investigation against her for “extreme gender partisanship” and “various acts of harassment.”

Pekgoz filed a formal complaint against Dauber on January 1, 2023, demanding an investigation against her for “extreme gender partisanship” and “various acts of harassment.”
Michele Dauber’s June 2022 tweet criticizing Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez.Photo by(Via Twitter)

Because the allegations encompass both Title IX violations and ethical infractions, the complaint urged a joint jurisdiction between the Stanford Office of Ethics and Compliance and the Title IX Office.

A petition calling on Stanford to reprimand or even fire Dauber has nearly 11,000 signatures as of January 20, 2023.

The petition, started by Matt Adams, claims Dauber has abused her academic standing to threaten students with purported false sexual assault allegations.

“It's time to let Stanford University know that professor Michele Dauber's hateful rhetoric is unacceptable,” the petition said.

Dauber faced backlash online last June when she referred to Johnny Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, as a ”skirt” , “pick me girl” and other various seemingly racist and sexist slurs, according to Newsweek.

"In a society that strips women of real power, some women have learned to seek male approval in the hopes they won't be raped or abused or humiliated,” Dauber tweeted on June 2. “Sucking up to power might feel good to you but it won't work. You will be next." 

Dauber’s Twitter account, @mldauber, was deleted shortly after her criticism of Vasquez and no longer exists.

This comes after Pekgoz, along with Stanford alumnus and University of Southern California professor, James Moore, filed complaints against Stanford University for bias against men last November.

That complaint against Stanford was being investigated by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for violations of sex discrimination by offering several programs to support women without offering equivalents for men.

Pekgoz said OCR dismissed a majority of the allegations however he intends to “vigorously appeal” the decision.

This is an updated report. Stanford said it was “taking reasonable steps” into the complaint in a previous version.

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