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Merced Police Lieutenant under investigation for alleged sexual harassment and other complaints, whistleblowers say

Robert J Hansen
Lieutenant Emily Foster's squad car showing “Boss Lady,” in 2022.(Courtesy of Merced Under Construction)

Sacramento, Calif. – By Robert J Hansen

The Merced Police Department is currently investigating Lieutenant Emily “Boss Lady” Foster for harassing fellow police officers, racially discriminating against Hispanic police officers, and constantly using profanity in public when addressing police officers, including the Sergeants, according to whistleblowers within the police department.

According to the whistleblowers, Foster’s alleged aggressive behavior includes assaulting a police officer in public and forcing a police officer to have sex with her while he was on duty at a recent sponsored golf event at Pebble Beach.

The whistleblowers, who are unnamed out of fear of retaliation, say there are several complaints filed against Foster.

“Word of mouth through the department, the officer was there as an advisor, then she (Foster) went over there and didn’t have a reason to be there, and later that night they slept together,” a whistleblower said.

Several police officers have already resigned due to her behavior according to an email from a whistleblower.

Another whistleblower said that sergeants have transferred to other divisions to avoid working under Foster.

Lieutenant Foster began her career with the Merced Police Department in a non-sworn position in 2002 and in 2006 was hired as a full-time officer with Merced PD according to the department’s Facebook profile.

In 2019, Foster was promoted to Sergeant and supervised Patrol and the Administrative Division. Additionally, she oversaw the Crisis Negotiations Team, Field Training Officer Program, and Crime Scene Response Team.

In May of 2021, Foster earned the rank of Lieutenant. She is the first female Lieutenant in the history of the Merced Police Department and is currently assigned to the Operations Division.
Lieutenant Emily Foster at Law Enforcement Torch Run on February 25, 2022.(Facebook)

Foster was so verbally abusive to one officer recently that he turned in his badge and gun saying ‘I don’t have to put up with this,’ according to a whistleblower.

“She went to his house and begged him to come back,” a whistleblower said.

In another incident, Foster ‘ripped him (an officer) a new one,’ for arriving at an event a half hour late.

One officer who left Merced PD, Levi Crane, declined to comment about his experience with Foster.

Her verbal abuse of a civilian employee, Eugene Drummond, led to him seeking medical attention and then resigning according to court records.

Drummond has since filed a lawsuit against the City of Merced according to City Council records.

“She would cuss at him, yelling at him, profanity towards him and it caused him to go into the hospital,” a whistleblower said.

Drummond’s lawsuit was discussed in a closed City Council meeting on December 6, 2021.

The Merced Police Officers’ Association (MPOA), is the union that represents members concerning employment issues like working conditions and grievances.

MPOA did not respond to multiple attempts to contact it for comment.

There are currently several complaints against her that supervisors are aware of, but they have taken no action according to the whistleblowers.

“The profanity towards officers in general,” a whistleblower said.

Other complaints filed against Foster are from Latino officers for racial discrimination and harassment according to an email from a whistleblower.

“With all these movements like Black Lives Matter and other movements to defund the police and the public not trusting us,” a whistleblower said. “Then we come back to our own office to a hostile environment from a Lieutenant, it’s like what are we doing wrong? It brings the morale down even lower than it already is.”

Lieutenant Foster could not be reached for comment.

This is an ongoing investigation and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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