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CA Lawmakers have yet to provide relief from high gas prices

Robert J Hansen
(Courtesy of California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office.)

Sacramento, Calif.- by Robert J Hansen

Currently, gas prices in some parts of California exceed $6 per gallon and State legislators still have yet to finalize a response providing relief to Californians.

Governor Gavin Newsom first proposed a gas tax rebate to help Californians with the costs of gas at last month’s State of the State address but has yet to be seen.

Sacramento Assemblymember Kevin McCarty released a statement Thursday evening informing Sacramento residents and Californians they will soon get significant tax relief to help counter soaring inflation and gas prices.

"I would like to address a major issue that we are facing in the state, rising gas prices,” McCarty said. “As a leader on budget issues, I am committed to helping finalize this smart and fair plan in the coming weeks."

He said an aide package is being finalized but gave no details as to when.

“Currently we are finalizing our legislative package to maximize aid for taxpayers,” McCarty said. “There have been various rebate proposals, and I am taking them all into consideration while working with legislative leadership.”

Last week, a bill that would have suspended some gas taxes, was completely overhauled by Democrats to instead tax the gasoline companies if prices are abnormally high relative to the price of crude oil.

Democrat Assemblymember Alex Lee told ABC 10, that the root of the problem is corporate greed.

“The lie that Big Oil is perpetuating is that they don't dictate their prices – even as they continue to charge the mystery surcharge of 30+ cents per gallon since 2015 and take advantage of global crises to maximize profits when the price of crude oil continues to drop,” Lee said. “The Vehicle Fuel Windfall Rebate Fund on fossil fuel corporations would permanently curb their profiteering and return money to Californians when their profit margins exceed $0.30 per gallon."

Authored by Republican Assemblymember Kevin Kiley, AB 1638 is being upheld by Republican Assemblymember James Gallagher in the Transportation Committee, withholding unanimous consent on the adoption of committee amendments.

"Only Assembly Democrats would think you can bring down gas prices by increasing the gas tax,” Gallagher said. Today’s stunt in the Transportation Committee shows just how far Democrats will go to delay and avoid giving Californians any relief from high gas prices. Californians are hurting now, and Democrats’ charade will only extend the pain."

California GOP Chair, Jessica Milan Patterson, said Californians have been hurting in the 29 days since Newsom and Democrats promised gas tax relief.

“They still can’t even decide which of their many, many ideas they want to move forward with to make that happen,” Patterson said. “Californians don’t have time to wait.”

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