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Family of 18-year-old Ladarion Seymore, who was shot and killed Tuesday morning speaks out

Robert J Hansen

Seymore was one of four shooting victims near West Lane and Kickerbocker Drive Tuesday
Vigil at Westpoint Apartments for Ladarion Seymore who was shot and killed early Tuesday morning on Thursday, March 23, 2022.(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Stockton, Calif.- by Robert J Hansen

Family and friends have erected a candlelight vigil at Westpointe Apartments for Ladarion Seymore, the 18-year-old man who was shot and killed early Tuesday morning. The vigil is still there and constantly being visited.

Flowers were in the center of candles placed in the shape of a heart on the sidewalk below a picture of Ladarion and his younger sister hung next to a bundle of blue and white balloons.

“I watched my brother come into this world and I watched him leave,” Reina Seymore, Ladarion’s sister, said. “I watched him lay in the middle of the street and die.”

Reina Seymore, 36 said Ladarion went to the store with their mother and sister and never came back and that the family is not from Stockton.

“He died right there by Walmart. Every time I leave the Walmart parking lot I have the image of him just laying there in the middle of the street.”

Reina said it was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We’re not even from here. We’re from the Bay Area and he just came out here to visit his niece and nephew,” Regina said. “This shouldn't have happened to him, he just went to the store to get juice.”

Reina said her family and Ladarion did not know the three other people who were injured in the shooting.

Stockton police said the three other victims were hospitalized after sustaining injuries that were not life-threatening.

“Out of all four it had to be my baby brother,” Reina Seymore said.

Seymore recently graduated from James Logan High School in Union City and was planning to go to Texas for a birthday party with other family members.

His older brother, Tra Seymore, said he is grasping the knowledge of the love Ladarion had for others.

“Anybody who was around him, he loved them. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t have done for them,” Tra said.
Ladarion Seymore dancing with his family.(Courtesy of Reina Seymore)

Tra Seymore, 29, said his brother was a good uncle to his children and would visit and play with them. Tra moved to Stockton about nine months ago.

“All he wanted to do was protect everybody else he was around, that’s why he went to the store. He didn’t have to go, he wanted to go with his sister and mom,” Tra said.

Both Tra and Reina said Stockton Police detectives have not come to speak to Ladarion’s mother who witnessed the shooting.

Tra said that he tried asking the police for information but wouldn’t provide any.

“I even asked the officers, they’re on their cellphones, probably talking to the ones you love or care about but I’m asking you about mine and you don’t have any information for me,” Tra Seymore said.

Reina Seymore thinks that police see the incident as another Black man being killed by gun violence and are not doing their best to find those responsible for Ladarion’s death.

Ladarion’s younger sister who also is a witness was brought in for questioning immediately after the incident according to the family.
A celebration of life is being held at the James Logan Pavilion parking lot on Saturday, March 26, 2022.(Courtesy of Reina Seymore)

“That shooting that occurred this morning was very violent and brazen,” Stockton Police officer Joe Silva told Fox 40.

Police do not have a suspect description nor information about what led up to the shooting.

“Any time we have a homicide or a shooting, we send additional resources out to that neighborhood, whether it’s additional task force officers, our Neighborhood Impact Team, which consists of department chaplains and other officers that go door to door just so we can let them know we are there. But we need their help,” Silva said.

The Stockton Police Department has not been available for any updated information they may have regarding the shooting.

Family and friends are holding a celebration of life for Ladarion at the James Logan Pavilion parking lot in Union City tomorrow, March 26.

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