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Black Folsom High School student no longer feels safe at school, mother says

Robert J Hansen

Racist comments and bullying have been happening to the student since October
Berry Accius (top) with Tiffany Amos, her daughter Aniyha Pier and her son at Amos’ home in January 2022.(Photo courtesy of Berry Accius)

Two students were suspended Monday for making racist remarks to freshman Aniyha Pier in school and online, according to Pier’s mother, Tiffany Amos.

Amos says the boys admitted to the vice principal, calling Aniyha “black monkey” and telling her they would do to her what happened to George Floyd.

“Are you saying you’re going to do my baby as they did him?” Amos said. “She doesn't feel safe, she doesn't want to go to that school, she doesn’t even want to get out of bed.”

Amos said that the boys also pulled her daughter’s hair to the point where she had to remove her braids and wants the students expelled.

“What would have happened had my daughter defended herself which she has the right to do,” Amos said. “She would have been the one punished.”
Aniyha Pier (left) and her hair after bullies pulled her hair at Folsom High School.(Photos courtesy of Tiffany Amos)

Amos said the two boys who began bullying her daughter in October 2021, were suspended Monday and that Aniyha felt unsafe after having to walk by them in the office.

“I took her out of school that day and we haven’t felt it’s safe for her to go because other students are still making racist comments about my daughter,” Amos said.

Amos said she moved to Folsom from a more violent area of Sacramento so that her children would feel safer at school.

“I moved my kids out of the hood so we could have a better life,” Amos said. “I didn’t move them to this suburban neighborhood for this kind of stuff to happen.”

The Folsom Cordova Unified School District released the following statement to KCRA 3.

“Administrators at Folsom High were first made known of this activity last Friday, January 21. Immediately upon learning of this activity, the school and district administration took actionable steps to address it. Our first course of action was to tend to the well-being of the student who reported this, and school administrators have communicated and met with the family. Because of student confidentiality, we will not discuss student specifics, but we can share that all measures according to our legal, due process procedures are actively being pursued. FCUSD and its schools will not tolerate acts of racism, hate or bullying and treat such egregious offenses with the fullest extent of disciplinary measures allowable.”

Voice of the Youth founder and advocate Berry Accius, who has been supporting the family, said his frustration is with the district not having zero tolerance for racial slurs directed towards any student, but especially African Americans.

“Particularly the N-word. I think people have become too lax on that word. But I don’t think there’s anything in place, policy-wise, for using those words,” Accius said. “I mean it’s hate speech.”

He said that if Aniyha were an athlete she would have gotten protection from the school and shows the exploitation of students and athletes of color.

“If you’re a person of color who can help them with their brand and help produce a championship, they’ll bring you up there,” Accius said. “If not or when they're done with them, they’re expendable.”

Accius said that this has happened before and the district is out of touch with what is happening.

“I mean these kids get slapped on the wrist and they [the school] move along with their day,” Accius said.

Folsom High School could not be contacted for comment.

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