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Auburn police officer allegedly threatens advocate of Dalton Dyer Jr., on administrative leave

Robert J Hansen

Your Brother’s Keeper
Auburn police officer Joshua Eagan (behind) and Chief Ryan Kinnan (front) in 2020.(Auburn Police Department)

Sacramento, Calif.- by Robert J Hansen

An Auburn police officer threatened the founder of Police Crime Survivors (PCS), Christopher Kershner, on December 27.

Auburn police officer Joshua Eagan drove his police cruiser dangerously through town and down Kershner’s narrow street so he could corner Kershner in his driveway, according to witnesses.

Marysville resident Darwin Richards, who is visiting his mother, was smoking a cigar on the porch across the street when he saw Eagan speed up to Kershner’s driveway.

“He followed Christopher through and came back around,” Richards said in a video.

Kershner said Eagan followed him from the fairgrounds in town and then to his house and that Eagan never patrols down his residential street.

“I haven’t seen one since I’ve been here, which has been about a week,” Richards said.

“Eagan came back again as I was exiting my car and walking up the driveway, I saw Eagan throw what I thought was a white power hand signal,” Kershner said.


A week later Kershner filed reports with the Auburn PD, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding dangerous and negligent behavior by Eagan and other government employees in the city of Auburn.

He also filed a restraining order against Eagan which a judge has yet to make a ruling on after several days.

The reports are in response to the alleged attack on Kershner in his home driveway by Eagan.

Officer Eagan went on leave from the department shortly after the incident with Kershner.

Eagan is telling people that he is on vacation and it’s to spend time with his family. Eagan’s wife, Kacy, gave birth to a baby boy on Friday, January 13.

“Thank you all so much! We are doing great. It is amazing to be on vacation so I can take care of them. My APD family is so supportive. See you all in a few weeks when I return,” Eagan said via Facebook.

Kacy Eagan said that Kershner doesn’t like Eagan because he is a police officer.

“Christopher is mad at my husband because he is with law enforcement,” she said while at the hospital.

The Auburn Police Department does not disclose the status of its officers as a policy, according to Dispatcher Brittany Glick.

“The only one who could tell you is Eagan,” Glick said.

A reliable source with the Auburn PD has confirmed Eagan is on administrative leave.

Kershner said that he has never felt safe with Eagan and the officers that trained and mentored him working for the Department and always knew that something similar to what happened to former Auburn resident Dalton Dyer Jr., would happen to him.

“I feel safer now knowing he is on leave. I hope and pray that he has worked his last day for the Auburn police department or any department,” Kershner said.

Police Crime Survivors
Police Crime Survivors founder, Christopher Kershner, at Auburn Police Department on Thursday, January 13, 2021.(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Kershner founded Police Crime Survivors after Dalton Dyer Jr. was assaulted and falsely arrested by Officer Eagan in 2018.

Dyer, who is African American, proclaimed his innocence following that 2018 arrest, and so have many in the largely white community of Auburn.

A neighbor of Kershner’s, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the Auburn PD and Eagan have had several complaints of racial profiling pulling people over in recent years.

The neighbor thinks the way Eagan and the another officer, Matt Nichols, treated Dyer Jr. was disgusting and that racism in Auburn is embedded deeply into its culture which definitely has effected its police department

Dyer and his cousin were pulled over for a suspected DUI while he was riding in the car. Dyer told CBS 13 in 2020 that he was given permission to get out of the car and then was tased several times.

The initial arrest report lists a misdemeanor charge of obstruction, but an officer later filed three supplemental felony charges stating Dyer hit him. Neither his cousin nor a second officer reportedly saw the punch.

“How would I be able to throw a punch if you have my hands? And so that’s why I’ve asked for a body camera,” Dyer told CBS 13.

The felony charges were all later dropped by District Attorney, Anna Duffy, representing Auburn police officers Matt Nichols and Eagan.

The three felony charges and two strikes against Dyer for resisting an executive officer, battery with injury to a peace officer, and battery with serious bodily injury were all dismissed, according to Dyer’s lawyer, David Wiksell.

Kershner’s organization, PCS, advocated and supported Dyer throughout the ordeal and that is why Kershner thinks Eagan began harassing him.

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