Sacramento County employee accuses Supervisor Patrick Kennedy of getting him arrested

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County employee, Ryan Harris, says Board of Supervisors allowing unfair treatment and discrimination by Director of DHA
Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy (left) and Sacramento County employee Ryan Harris (right) at the November 16, 2021 meeting.(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Sacramento, Calif. - by Robert J Hansen

A Sacramento County employee claimed he is being bullied and harassed by Department of Human Resources Director Ethan Dye and that the Board of Supervisors is not helping him at a meeting last month.

Ryan Harris said when he called Human Resources about a complaint, the police were called on him.

“I am here about the unfair treatment permitted by you and others within this community,” Harris said.

He also accused Supervisor Patrick Kennedy of having a hand in an arrest which happened after calling Human Resources.

“Mr. Kennedy, if you send a man to be arrested, the least you can do is return his phone call when he survives,” Harris said.

Kennedy denied Harris’s accusation.

“I did not lead to your arrest, sir. I had nothing to do with whatever happened with personnel,” Kennedy said.

Harris told the board that the police told him not to contact his job which he lost pay for.

“You guys are the Board of Supervisors. You’re supposed to be looking out for this community,” Harris said. “The police are after me, Ethan Dye has sent them to my house.”

Supervisor Sue Frost told Harris to call down during the back and forth between him and Kennedy.

“We gave you more than we generally allow for public comment. I think it’s appropriate that if you have information related to your case that you send it to Human Resources,” Frost said.

Market Davis said he has an email from Dye to Harris that was discriminatory.

“Ethan Dye wrote an email that was very, very, very discriminatory against Ryan Harris,” Davis said. “If you’re not aware of it I can give you all copies of what the email said.

Harris is at risk of losing his job according to Davis.

“Are you also aware that Ethan Dye jeopardized the policy of the welfare recipients? Can you tell me how the Director can assassinate the character of employees and also break confidentiality but then get a promotion?” Davis said. “That’s very concerning to me.”

Brittany Beadles, an advocate for Harris, told the Supervisors that Harris has been bullied by Ethan Dye for over a year.

“Do you know the amount of bullying you are permitting? Ryan Harris was given a discipline which forbids him from asking questions in training,” Beadles said. “Training is where employees go to ask questions and learn. All but Ryan.”

At the July 13th Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting, Harris raised concerns about his supervisor and Director Ethan Dye about unfair disciplinary actions taken against him.

Supervisor Sue Frost was dismissive of Harris's comments and told him the Board cannot respond to him. She then directs him to the personnel department.

Supervisor Don Nottoli seemed to take Harris’s claim seriously, asking about the origin of the threat. Since that time Nottoli has not helped Harris with his complaints.

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