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Sacramento councilmember says SacBee opinion one sided and misquoted him

Robert J Hansen

Agrees to hold town hall on affordable housing
Screen shot of Facebook live conversation on affordable housing with District 2 Sacramento councilmember Sean Loloee on November 1, 2021.Courtesy Facebook

An opinion article last week in the SacBee claimed Sacramento councilmember Sean Loloee is “not a fan of affordable housing,” and doesn’t grasp his job.

Invited by Stevante Clark, Loloee took to Facebook live to dispute the article where the two discussed affordable housing in District 2 and was joined by the founder of the Benito Juarez foundation, Ramona Landeros, who ran against Loloee in last year’s election.

The full conversation can be seen here.

“I found it disturbing,” Loloee said of the article. “I think Mr. Yousef Baig needs to come for a ride around my district.”

Loloee said Baig should get to know Del Paso Heights better and invited him to “go for a drive around,” and that it catered to a particular ideology on housing and the unsheltered community.

“I invite Mr. Baig to tour my district for a day and to sit down with real people. He’d find the only real uproar from my comments has been the one he’s helped manufacture with incomplete journalism,” Loloee said.

Loloee says he doesn’t like only developing affordable housing and market-rate housing needs to be developed too and that has contributed to District 2 becoming a low-income area.

“Quite frankly, political point-scoring is the reason why we’re faced with the challenges we have today,” Loloee said.

Del Paso Heights’ businesses suffered from the area being over-saturated in affordable housing, making it the District with the lowest average income which is $28,000 annually according to Loloee.

“If we want to have successful businesses in this district … We have to make sure these businesses can get support,” Loloee said. If we just want to pick one district as exclusively affordable housing, that is a pretty discriminatory view to have about an entire community.”

District 2 has had the least amount of investment by the City and it’s been overlooked for 20 or 30 years according to Loloee.

Landeros’ first reaction to the article was “How could you not want affordable housing?”

Landeros said District 2 needs affordable housing as evidenced by the growing number of unhoused residents living on the street or in an RV.

“We have market-rate housing and a lot of people in our community who would like to buy those homes cannot afford to buy them,” Landeros said.

Landeros agreed that housing of all income levels needs to be available to stimulate the community.

“Is that all we need, no? We need all kinds to help our community thrive,” Landeros said.

Clark said the response from the community was to further the discussion so then offered to sponsor and moderate the town hall.

“I’ll pick a date this month and see if it works with your schedules,” Clark said. “I think we need to have this conversation with the community involved.”

Loloee and Landeros agreed that the community should be heard from and to hold the town hall event to discuss the issue of affordable housing in District 2.

I think it’s important to get the dialogue going,” Landeros said.

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