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House manager for Sacramento Self-Help Housing threatens and intimidates resident

Robert J Hansen
The property operated by Sacramento Self-Help Housing where David Andre has lived for about three years on Monday, October 25, 2021.(Photo by Robert J Hansen)

Sacramento, Calif. - By Robert J Hansen

A house manager with Sacramento Self-Help Housing (SSHH) intimidated and threatened another resident David Andre, after moving in only the day before.

SSHH is a nonprofit organization, founded by executive director John Foley, dedicated to assisting unhoused residents to maintain affordable, safe, and permanent housing.

Anthony, the house manager, told Andre he was in charge and was going to make sure he knew that.

“You’re going to learn who I am,” Anthony said according to a police report made by Andre.

Anthony also claimed to have worked with SSHH since 2009 and was there to ‘correct problems’ and does so regularly.

Anthony declined to comment or give his last name.

Andre was talking to a local housing advocate and friend, Erica, so they could document the living conditions when the house manager began shouting at both of them.

The house manager then advanced towards Andre making aggressive hand movements and stopping only after Erica stepped in between Andre and the house manager fearing for Andre’s safety.

“He started making these chopping moves at me and then clapped a bunch of times at me,” Andre said. “I didn’t feel safe so we left.”

Both Andre and Erica were shaken up after the incident, the end of which can be found on Facebook live. 

Andre has lived at the South Sacramento home for nearly three years and there has not been a house manager for nearly a year.

“They don’t provide services to us or anything and if this guy is doing this here how many other places is this happening at?” Andre said.

A letter was sent to SSHH, notifying it about the incident and that Andre no longer feels safe in the home.

David does not feel safe going back to a house with a manager that has shown aggressive behavior and complete disregard for his personal space while also using intimidation and veiled threats according to the letter.

“They sent him here to silence me about how bad it is here. There was a guy a while back who brought guns and drugs in the house and they (SSHH) didn’t remove him or do anything about it,” Andre said.

Andre is concerned that he will become labeled ‘resistant to services’ and no longer have a place to live.

Once someone is considered resistant to services, they no longer are eligible for County or City housing services.

“I don’t know what to do because I’m on social security and can’t afford anywhere else to live,” Andre said. “They need to bring in a house manager that wants to help people.”

Andre left his home Sunday and returned the next day, having slept in his truck that night.

SSHH was unable to be contacted at the time of publication.

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