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Antelope man allegedly stabs woman with syringe injecting her with paralyzing substance, no arrests made

Robert J Hansen
Renee Kuykendall shows where she was stabbed (above) and the neighbor who allegedly assaulted Renee on Sunday, August, 22, 2021.Courtesy Facebook

An Antelope woman was stabbed and injected with an unknown substance that rendered her paralyzed by her neighbor who lives across the street on Saturday night.

Renee Kuykendall came outside with her daughter, Jacari, after they heard a crash from inside.

The altercation began Saturday night when a driver hit Jacari’s parked car and her and her mother came outside to see what happened.

Thats when the neighbor and his five friends began to yell at the women before coming across the street and began hitting and choking the women.

Renee was stabbed while trying to defend her daughter when she was stabbed with a syringe and briefly paralyzed.

“I fell right to the ground,” Kuykendall said. “I was powerless for the first time in my life.”

She said she could move her head and speak but the rest of her body was uncontrollable.

Ronald Kuykendall, Renee’s husband, was subsequently assaulted after he began to defend his wife and daughter.

He suffered a busted lip but staved off the assault.

Renee went to Kaiser Medical facility in Roseville after the incident and physically is recovering well.

“This has taken a great toll on me,” Kuykendall said.

Ms. Medina, friend and neighbor to the Kuykendalls, witnessed the entire event.

“This kid, who was probably intoxicated already, started just throwing blows,” Medina said.

Media wants justice for the Kuykendall's who she views as family.

“I want justice for her and her family because it's bullshit what happened,” Medina.

Medina said sheriff’s deputies took at least 30 minutes to arrive.

“They’re good people and it just breaks my heart to see them go through this,” Medina said.
The Kuykendalls speaking to Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies on Sunday, August 22, 2021.Courtesy Facebook

One of the responding deputies told Founder of EMPACT Leia Schenk that misdemeanors do not typically result in an arrest.

“We’re sick of you guys not doing what you’re supposed to do when it comes to us [Black people],” Schnek said to deputies. “You haven’t asked one time how that lady is doing.”

Schenk spoke to five neighbors who all saw one of the men choke the Jacari and stabbed Renee with the syringe.

One of the men, Nikita Trifan, was identified by Kuykendall and neighbors as one of the men involved.

According to Schenk, the neighbor whose name remains unknown, admitted to deputies that Trifan and the other men stabbed Kuykendall with a syringe and assaulted her husband and daughter.

Trifan has also been making comments on social media trying to discredit the Kuykendalls.
Nikita Trifan and his Instagram commentsCourtesy Instagram

Sergeant Workman was called to the scene where he told Schenk that arrests were not made because of COVID-19 precautions according to Schenk and Medina.

“They said they didn’t arrest the guy because of Covid,” Schenk said. “They don’t care about doing their job because we’re Black.”

Kuykendall is disheartened to see how deputies have treated her family and knows it’s racial because when she told deputies the Black Lives Matter, one responded with ‘all lives matter.’

“They can keep treating us like that,” Kuykendall said. “If I had done that I would have been arrested.”

Sacramento Sheriff spokesperson Sergeant Rodney Grassmann said no arrest was made because what was reported was only a misdemeanor.

”We don’t just walk in there and take people into custody,” Grassmann said. “This was handled as anyone would have.”

Grassmann said medical services were refused and the Kuykendalls did not want to go through with a citizens arrest.

Kuykendall said she was told by the first responding officers who were with California Highway Patrol, said that having a family member take her to the hospital would be cheaper than taking an ambulance.

“I knew I had to go to the hospital because I still didn’t feel right,” Kuykendall said.

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