Med. assistant pulled over at gunpoint over registration sticker by Sac Sheriff’s deputies, 5-year-old son in car

Robert J Hansen
Brittany Williams’ registration sticker on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Police say she was pulled over because the sticker looked tampered with.Robert J Hansen

Sacramento, Calif. -- By Robert J Hansen

A medical assistant was pulled over by Sacramento County Sheriff Department deputies and detained for having what police said was a tampered registration sticker on Tuesday, June 15.

Brittany Williams said a police officer followed her from near her home on Fair Oaks Blvd and pulled her over on Norwood Ave. near Jessie Ave. Williams said she was followed for at least ten minutes.

“When I saw them, there was one,” Williams said. “When I turned around there were five.”
Sacramento County Sheriff deputies who responded to the traffic stop on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.Photos courtesy of Darline Williams. Image by Robert J Hansen

Williams said she was in handcuffs for more than five minutes and was never told why she was pulled over.

“They had their guns out,” Williams said. “They didn’t come to the door. They got on the megaphone and said to put your hands out the window.”

According to Williams, her five-year-old son was with her who remained in the car, unaccompanied, until her mother arrived.

Williams said when she got out of the car that she was crying and shaking, with their guns drawn the entire time.

Darlene Williams, Brittany’s mom, said all she heard from Brittany was that ‘mom they’re pulling me over’ and was told by police that she was stopped because the registration sticker appeared to be tampered with.

Brittany’s mother said their family splits their registration stickers to prevent them from being stolen.

“So now you’re telling me that it’s against the law to split your tags,” Darline said. “And you’re telling me you could see her tags are split while driving from Fair Oaks to Norwood.”

According to Brittany's mom, the police told her that there was a warrant for the arrest of the owner of the vehicle.

The vehicle is in Darline's name and said she has not gotten a ticket in 40 or 45 years.

Darline said that the police told her that the mixup was because Williams is a common name.

Brenda Williams, Brittany’s aunt, said she is very upset and this is a case of driving while black.

“She could’ve gone to jail for no reason, I'm glad she called her mom, that's what saved her,” Britt aunt said.

According to Brittany's aunt, police have to stop pulling people over for no reason.

“This could have gotten her killed, over nothing,” she said.

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