Open Up is a psychological thriller filmed in a Denver apartment!

Covid-19 led to a global shutdown, and people got stuck in their homes. The isolation made us think out of the box, but J.D. Gonzales and Jessica Higgins decided to create a film locked in their 600 square-foot Denver apartment; they took a different approach.

Open Up is a short film entirely created in isolation. The film acknowledges people grappling with grief, mental health, and other struggles before the beginning of the pandemic. It is a psychological thriller and follows the story of Adaline, and Higgins played the role of Adaline and made her first on-screen appearance.

The creators wanted to tell a story more focused on darker issues rather than the rosy images of quarantine. The main motive of the film was to spread the message to stay home and find new hobbies, crafts, meditate and do productive activities. Open Up is a two-person production with a thrill, psychology, and quarantine love story.

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