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Rapper turned actor Jecx305 has something to brag about. Not only did he get released from a jail bid for drug dealing. After multiple shootouts and Drug deals gone bad, he landed in a jail cell. He has now turned his life around and is moving on a spiritual note. "I asked God for this," he says.Saving a life was something he could have never imagined on a set. But he is glad he had been behind a cast member. "She could have died from the head injury and I would have been there for any person. "People have a business to attend to and being a celebrity is hard work. I know God has seen me and that is all that matters. I'm not in the business of saving lives for clout or fame." He hopes to continue his acting career. "Music helps me tell my story so someone else can get inspired. I come from the Zoe Pound era and I feel like Trick Daddy led the way. But the grimey part of the city has yet to be told. The part of hustling ith no plug to get a 4 for 4 at Wendys and the everyday life struggle of my city. I speak for not only the thugs but the working-class group of people."His music is for the soul and he is expected to release more music in the future. Miami is a hard hustle and if you break into the right crowds then you can make money.

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