The 30-Minute Easy-Going Exercises That Work!

Rob Hourmont

Getting and staying fit isn’t hard, you don’t need a gym, just 30 minutes of your time per day.
Age 54 - all I do is walk, swim, and do some light bodyweight training.Photo byRob Hourmont

It puzzles and amazes me how folks overcomplicate fitness training, how to work out, and how much effort you must commit to succeed.

“If you don’t hit the gym hard daily, you’re not a man and won’t build the physique of your dreams.”

“To be a real man, get up early, hit the gym, and smash your day.”

Is that really true?

The problem is many of these types are out there peddling this nonsense while roping in young and vulnerable men, desperate to have a muscular bodies, and hoping to pick up women more easily.

And that’s sad. Yet, it’s part of a young man’s learning curve.

I doubt there’s much else in their minds besides big muscles and the desire to attract more women.

Do they think a heavy-hitting weight-lifting schedule will make them more successful?

That type of routine and attitude won’t help your long game nor make you successful.

The only things that make you successful in life are hard work, focus, determination, constancy, and self-belief — not ever giving up.

Back to the 30-minute easy-going daily routine

I do this easy routine most days. Some days, if I’m in the mood, I’ll do more; others, I’ll do less. I make sure to move my body frequently, one way or another enough, every day.

Step 1. Walking

Map out a 30-minute walking loop. Make this your “home route” and try to hit it daily, for your fitness, and fun, and to free your mind.

Step 2. Randomly Exercise

Every 5 to 10 minutes, I stop and perform a basic exercise for a full-body strength workout.

You only need these 3 moves: Lunges, Push-ups, Planks

Once I’m warmed up after 10 minutes of fast-paced walking, I start with the lunges.

Try to do your maximum reps each time. I aim for 30 to 40 lunges and then walk on.

Whenever I’m inspired to, I’ll drop and hit 50 push-ups at the next stop. After that’s done, I get up and continue my walk while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

I always bring a towel and water. It’s vital to keep hydrating yourself.

At the next stop, I look for a grassy spot, lay down my towel, and plank. Depending on how I feel that day, I hold the plank for 2 to 3 minutes.

Some days I push the time; other days, I keep it shorter and then move on.

I repeat this routine 2 to 3 times along my 30-minute loop. I arrive back home within the allocated time, with the best and most easy-going exercises done, and feel great!

As noted, some days I’ll do more, but not often. That’s because I’ve found this routine to be more than enough to keep me fit, healthy, and feeling great.

The pool games

I have a pool in my new residence, which is nice. I do love a good swim. But when I swim, it’s not your typical slow back-and-forth breaststroke. I may be 54, but I’m not an old man.

When I hit the pool, I jump in and bang out 4 to 6 explosive high-intensity sprints. The sprints are around 20 seconds, with a 2-minute rest between bursts.

That workout takes only 10 minutes. For me, it’s not even a workout - it’s fun. When I finish, it’s time to lie in a sunbed and soak up the sun.

Final Thoughts

Becoming fit isn’t complicated or time-consuming. On the contrary, it’s easy to achieve if you know how and follow my simple and easy-going daily health, fun, and fitness routine.

Keep it simple, folks, especially if you’re older like me. Save time and get back to the basics. You’ll find more enjoyment and soon see the results.


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