You Can “Fuel Up Your Life,” Making It Fantastic Every Day – Stay Positive and Never Give Up!

Rob Hourmont

How are you today? Is life good or are you struggling?
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I meet many people all the time. Some a doing fine, while others are struggling with life — you can see it in their eyes.

I’m not perfect either; nobody is. I, too, have ups and downs, great successes and setbacks too.

The awesome days make you feel euphoric and happy, but when something unexpected goes wrong, you can suddenly find yourself in a muddle.

How you deal with that moment in your mind is the crux of that matter.

Do you let it grind away in your mind, constantly thinking, this should not be, or do you have ways to let those negative emotions go?

I generally don’t suffer from mood swings anymore. I try to stay focused, positive, and stable all the time.

But I made a comment on someone’s article, which I now think was an unintended “white lie.”

It was something to the effect:

“I disagree — I don’t ever suffer from mood swings, as I always keep my mind uncluttered and refuse to let negatives get to me.”

Later, I was thanked for my comment, for being honest, and congratulated for keeping my good mood intact at all times (most of the time).

The truth? I also still can suffer from bad days and moods – that's life

I’ve experienced my unexpected and unwanted “little breakdowns” or “burnout phasesin the last 6 months, due to a number of emotionally challenging life complications

I lost my cool a couple of times because of personal relationship problems – there you have it. Relationships are complex, not easy to balance, and keep on a good course. That’s a fact of life, for everyone!

This confirms that I also still suffer from changes in my mood and thinking, leading to unfavorable reactions and actions. Despite being a meditation expert and teacher, which has greatly helped me calm my mind, actions, and reactions over time, you can still slip up. That's another fact of life.

How to Fuel Up Life and Stay Positive and Happy Daily

If you’re experiencing a rough day, feel let down, and upset, I suggest you do this:

  • Go for a few long walks in nature and swim
  • Meditate and talk positively to yourself (the talking part — all the time)
  • Embrace what’s pissing you off, think about it, and say, oh well, just let it fucking go! There’s nothing you can change about it, so move on
  • Go do something fun that you enjoy to take your mind off things
  • Read a book, or write down what’s on your mind, and put it in a locked box and throw away the key
  • Help someone in need with kind words or actions

Final Thoughts

Rome wasn’t built in a day — nothing was. Getting your life in order and flowing smoothly takes time and work.

However, daily positives or negatives provide you the opportunity to work on yourself and become a stronger and better person.

It is true — You have the power to “fuel up your life” every single day!

Think about it when it happens next time, and then say this:

“No way, I am not letting this or that ruin my day. I will fight back and make it great my way!”
Rob Hourmont

Thanks for reading, stay healthy and keep working on your mind to remain positive and life will be fine!


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