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What’s more popular today — posting daily selfie gym pics or walking in nature without taking photos?

Walking and training in nature provide huge mental and physical benefitsPhoto byPhoto by Rob Hourmont

My question is rhetorical, as we all know the answer. Our smartphones and popular social apps say it all, as do the mainstream fitness and health publications.

Like it or not, social feeds are full of people showing off their body pics or videos while they sweat away in some gym, instead of spending time walking in nature,

These images and flicks all say the same thing:

“Look at me, how hard I work out, the progress I’ve made, and the gym is my second or even first home — I love it!”

90% of it is edited and filtered.

If you meet these people in the flesh, you will be surprised and likely disappointed in who and what you see! They use apps that make their bodies look slimmer, leaner, and taller and Improve their looks too!

If I’m honest, I feel that it’s all a little sad.

Why do you need to reinvent your body and looks on social media instead of showing the “real deal?’

The videos, photos, and stories I post about my work, training, life, and travel are all 100% natural — I never use filters, why should I, I don’t need to.

I am me. I am who I am; what you see is what you get — the truth.

For me, that’s the only way it should be. Walking is the biggest part of my healthy habits and training routine!

Meeting someone for real who you met on social media first

The scenario:

You’ve met and chatted with someone on social media who lives in or near your town.

After a few days or weeks of friendly chit-chat, finally, you set up a face-to-face meeting.

Wow, now you’re thinking:

“Now I can, at long last, meet this person in real life. I hope something special comes of it.”

That all depends on your expectations and goals.

In my case, if I meet someone I met first on a social app, it’s a female I’d like to get to know.

So, you might say, my hopes are high for our meeting and chemistry to work well!

Then comes the day, the time and place where reality unveils itself — you are excited and a little nervous, which is good.

The encounter can go 2 or 3 ways:

1 — Fabulous

You both get on well with each other and appear to have several things in common, leading to a lovely and joyous time together.

You then leave and set up a new date for the future — hopefully soon.

2 — Average

When you see the person in real life, they do not quite appear to be or look like they presented themselves.

What to do? You carry on talking politely and see if you can find common ground and go from there.

3 — Awful

You meet and see this person is entirely different and barely recognizable from what the app told you.

What to do now?

If that happens to me, I am honest and say:

“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable right now as you are not who you presented yourself to be.”

That can be looks, manners, behaviorism, or anything else. If you don’t feel good, it’s best to say it, say sorry, pay the bill, and leave.

Now, I will get back to my title and question.

I am who I am because I talk the truth – I don't lie about myself

Is it about being lean, fit, good-looking, and fat-free? Not at all.

But this does play a vital role in genuine human interactions — especially if you’ve presented yourself as such.

What is the point — really — in painting a false picture of yourself on social media apps to meet a potential new partner?

Is it not clear to you that that approach will always fail and lead to disappointment for both?

So, why do it?

The answer is this:

You are making a mistake by trying to gain constant attention and traction on social media by faking who you are to meet a new man or woman.

That’s a fact.

There’s a much better way to be happy, live a good life, and find the right partner via social media or by chance

1 — Work on yourself — eat real food, not too much, and take care of your appearance.

2 — Spend more time exercising — not in a gym — walking in nature, and getting some sun on your face and body.

3 — Stop blasting fakeness about yourself on the internet — it won’t ever make you happy, and you will never win.

4 — Just be honest, be healthy, take time to make the best of your body and mind, and enjoy your life!

Please my YouTube video about how we do it in nature by walking, sprinting, and strength training naturally.

Final Thoughts

Nobody is perfect, but walking a lot makes you better!

We do not have to strive to achieve that nonsensical belief.

Whether you are gorgeous, handsome, average, or whatever, it does not matter.

What matters is what you make of yourself and how you present yourself online and in life!

Be Real — It’s better that way!

Oh, final, final thought — walk, swim, and work out in nature using your body as your gym will always win!


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