The Power of a Positive Mindset

Rob Hourmont

Why it’s all in your mind.
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Everything is possible if you make a plan, set your mind to it, and then execute it daily.

Nobody can always feel positive and the right track. Life brings plenty of ups and downs that are often out of your control. The key is how you respond to life’s curveballs.

Positively or negatively?

When something great and unexpected happens to you, you can feel elevated and on top of the world:

“Nothing can stop me now, I’ve got this.”

But, just as soon as you feel that euphoria, something can be lurking for you around the corner. Usually, it’s a thing you least expected to happen or change.

My Life.

Let’s take a real-life example out of my playbook, which made me totally euphoric, but then started to mess with my head and mess up my whole plan.

I approached Cambodia’s biggest newspaper and proposed to write a health, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle column. To my surprise, I received a swift reply inviting me for a meeting.

The next day I met the publisher, we had a great meeting, and soon after signed a freelance contract for me to write my weekly column.

I was ecstatic — what a wonderful opportunity this presented for me.

I’d now be a journalist writing a column for a national newspaper. That’s meaningful in my mind, as it confirmed my belief that I’m good at my trade, and the newspaper wants me. And that was a great feeling! The money wasn’t great (it’s Cambodia), but acceptable, and in any case, the money wasn’t my motivator.

Writing meaningful and helpful articles that thousands of folks would read every weekend made me happy. All I wanted to do was write, inform and inspire people to live a healthier and happier life. I would have done it for free, to be honest, but I managed to secure decent compensation instead.

Like a good and dedicated writer does, a couple of days on I presented my first month’s content plan, excited to get started.

Then, crickets.

A week went by, and I sent a polite reminder to the publisher — no reply.

More days went by and I texted the dear Sir on WhatsApp — no reply.

Another carefully crafted email and text message later, I received a reply.

“Sorry Rob, I’ve been busy, and I’ll revert today.”

5 days later, nothing.

Now I’m upset, and negative.

Why is this person be doing this to me?

Finally, I thought; move on, and sent a confrontational email, saying it’s now been 4 weeks and I feel like you’re not taking this seriously.

He blocked me on WhatsApp. Now I’m very unhappy.

But, I caught myself in the act of being negative and took action. I res-set, fast.

I said, hang on a minute, Rob. This guy’s been unprofessional and you cannot control him or the situation. Go for a walk and figure out what to do next.

One hour and many deep breaths later, I returned feeling inspired and I’d come up with an action plan.

I immediately contacted the other national newspaper by email and made them the same offer. Within 2 hours I received a positive reply and I now have a meeting with the publisher for next Monday morning.

Instead of being angry and disappointed I opened my mind to be positive about one door closing and went on the instant hunt to find a new open door.

Had I remained in a negative and angry state, there’s no way I could have done this.

But I didn’t, I checked my emotions, snapped out of the bad attitude and looked for a new path.

I took back what I can control by being proactive rather than “hoping and depending” on what others may or may not do.

Taking control of your mind and switching it to a positive mindset, makes all the difference in your life’s direction.

If things go against you, it’s up to you to find another way that works for you. This kind of story happens to millions daily. All you have to do is not let it drag you down, but instead make a new plan, and take action.

Revise your plans daily, and re-focus to find your optimal way! That’s what will make and keep you happy and in control of your destiny


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