Opinion: Negative Mindsets cause Frustration and Misunderstandings

Rob Hourmont

Their world may be upside down.

Careful Trolls CrossingRob Hourmont

Definition of Paradox:

A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.

And this is what internet trolls do day in and day out — make statements or comments about what others say, claiming they are absurd, stupid or untrue, when in fact, when looked at closely, the original statement is true! The internet trolls somehow have created their own schizophrenic sense of reality, which, as it so happens is mostly upside down.

Instead of attempting to hurt or ridicule others, online, wouldn’t their time be better served by reading, observing, researching, before tooting their horn? They could achieve a lot more for themselves and others, by heading this advice.

To be honest, some years ago, when I was an angry man, I also would shoot off my mouth online, ridicule and make unsavory comments to others.

It’s selfish and careless — I realized that, got myself under control and stopped.The world and its people need far more empathy, not criticism and negativity.

All you achieve with these negative comments, is your own shame and folks choosing to avoid and block you, rather than communicate with you. However, it appears there are many angry people out there who feel entitled to put others down.

It’s best to think 3 times before you do and try instead to improve yourself and your behavior.Let’s make the the internet a nicer place. It wouldn't be hard to achieve, if negativity were dropped.


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