Keep Going and Never Give Up - Success Can be Around the Corner

Rob Hourmont

If you follow your passion, work hard and stick to it, success is around the corner.
Sitting on top of the world.Rob Hourmont

I have a true, little-life story of how I first experienced that when I was only 15 in 1985.

Sometime in February or March 1985, I was driving to St. Moritz, Switzerland with my 5-year older brother, Paul. We were heading from Austria to compete in the British Senior Alpine Ski Championships.

My brother was in the British Senior Team, I was in the Junior Team.

Nothing much was expected from me results-wise in this race — I was just happy to finally get to compete at the top level.

Besides being the British Championships, the competition was sanctioned as an International Ski Federation event, with many Swiss, German and Austrian ski pros participating.

Early the next morning, we headed up to the top of the mountain in the gondola. The skiers and coaches were nervously joking around about the event ahead.

I just stood there silently.

The Race.

In the first run, I started with a high bib number, something in the 50’s I believe. I had a great run and came in around the 20th position.

Not long after, the second (and last) run kicked off, with me out of the gate as 20th.

I closed my mind to all around me, focused, and jumped into the course.

The next thing I knew I was in the finish area, and lots of people were clapping and applauding me. I skied over to the timing board to see my result. I’d landed in the 7th overall place, behind the Swiss and Austrian guys, all of whom were aged 20 and up.

I was the fastest Brit, thus winning the Senior British Slalom Championships at 15! I was and still am the youngest ever Senior British Slalom Champion.

I can’t even express how surprised and ecstatic I felt — never in my wildest dreams had I imagined this outcome. It's something I've always had great memories about and saw as a great example that you can achieve more than you realize.

But I did know one thing: I’d put in a lot of time training during the previous few years, putting myself through tough times while doing so. The extra effort and to never give up my dreams made this happen.

The Moral of the Story.

Work hard, believe in yourself, set your goals and dreams high, and the rest will eventually fall into place when you least expect it.

Of course, life is full of ups and downs, which usually come in cycles of some 7 years I’ve read and experienced. A few years later I had my downfall with a badly broken leg, ending my skiing career, to then fight my into business and create success again there.

I experienced plenty of success and failure during my 20-year business cycle until it all imploded on me once again.

I stood up, picked up the pieces, changed, and completely re-invented myself by turning to health, clean eating, training efficiently, coaching others, and writing about it all.

It’s been a great 6 years, but full of struggles and challenges to stay on my track. It hasn’t been easy!

Coaching and writing don’t pay that well unless you breakthrough with a novel, but I stayed the course, as my passion, helping and inspiring others, is worth far more to me than my income.

Now I’ll soon be entering my 7th year on this path, and I know something “very big and exciting” is just around the corner, and I won’t stop until it comes to me or I find it.

Never doubt yourself, keep following your heart, and passion and if you put in the time and are authentic, success will follow.


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