I Try to Make Meditation as Simple as Possible.

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Guru Made Sumantra and me.Robert Hourmont

Many people meditate these days, but many more don’t. Some find it weird or daunting, others have the usual excuse — no time.

I’ve been guilty of the latter during the last couple of years, but I’ve managed to get myself back into my mediation mode and it’s helped me a lot recently.

In 2018 I took a mediation teacher training class in Bali, making me a Certified Balinese Meditation Teacher. I was really into it at the time and super happy I took the course.

I had a great teacher, Guru Made Sumantra, from Ubud in Bali — it was a wonderfully enlightening experience.

However, work, stress and family issues caused me to slip and neglect my routine for quite some time. As a result, stress got the better of me, which is why I turned back to meditating.

I’m very grateful I did, as moving to two different countries and getting started from scratch (again) during the last 3 months, was challenging, to say the least.

I battled on with my plans, life/work passions, stayed the course and things have now worked out and I’m back on a positive and fruitful path.

To be honest, I don’t think I would have made it to the next level where I am now in Cambodia without practicing meditation again.

Thankfully, Cambodia is an easy going and open country. Meaning, foreigners can become residents, obtain a work permit, get a job or work freelance. And it’s not expensive to do.

All of the above are very difficult and costly in most other Southeast Asian countries.

The point I’m getting to is that no matter where I’ve lived or traveled to, there are a lot of angry people around. You can see them in person, and if you dare to, you’ll see a whole bunch more on social media.

The social media anger pandemic is a big problem these days. I mention it quite frequently as I post a lot of my work there. I get tons of lovely comments and thanks, but often enough, you’ll catch an angry bird and make them madder!

This is where meditation would come in as a great problem solver for many of these folks — to slow down, calm down, think before speaking and to be kinder to others. Do you agree?

Meditation doesn’t have to be at all spiritual nor need there be any religion involved.

If all us adults would take some time to meditate and calm ourselves, surely there would be a whole lot less anger and conflict in daily life?

Some may well disagree with me and in fact outright dislike meditation. While I understand their position I do believe it comes from the lack of trying or possibly working with the wrong teacher. One thing, of course, is required for a successful mediation routine - patiece.

Try to carve out 10 to 20 minutes of time in your day and evening to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and think about nothing but your inner harmony. Alternatively, you can walk and meditate. That's done by simply paying attention to what's around you, and taking it in.

Over a few weeks, this practice creates a much calmer, more focused, balanced, less stressed and more positive you.

Follow Deepak Chopra and Arianna Huffington, two great believers and teachers of meditation. Did you know that Kobe Bryant was also deeply into meditation?


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