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Follow this set of Categories and make each point a Habit for a healthier and better you.
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It’s Saturday, the weekend, yeah! But not so fast. The weekend is no reason to slack or hop back into poor habits.

Thankfully, I managed to stop that self-destructive behavior some time ago, and I feel so much better for it! In this article I go through all of the healthy habits I try to complete daily, for my body, mind, and soul.

Here we go, this is what I do, daily:

1. Eat Clean

Your diet affects your body and mind way more than you may think.

• Body Composition

• Mind Focus

• Mood

• Sleep

• Energy

• Improved Libido

• Clear Glowing Skin

• Stress Levels

• Overall Health

A healthy diet fights off diseases, illnesses and viruses. What is a clean and healthy diet? It’s likely very different to what you believe and have been eating.

Clean eating: What does that mean? The Mayo Clinic Health System

Eat plenty of vegetables, meats, eggs, and avocados that fuel your body, mind and soul!

2. Hydrate — Hydrate — Hydrate

• Improves Skin Elasticity

• Supports stronger Joints

• Improves Cognitive Function

• Keeps Energy Levels Up

• Supports Organs Function

• Regulates Body Temperature

• Makes you Stay Sharp not Dull

Aim to drink 4 liters of water every with fresh lime or lemon juice, every day.

The importance of hydration.

3. Invest Some Time in Your Dreams

• Embrace Challenges

• Stop Doing Things You Hate

• Listen to Others

• Set Daily Realistic Goals & Fulfill them

• Create a Routine and Stick to it

Take Actions to Fulfill Your Dreams.

4. Invest in Your Body & Fitness

It’s far easier to do than you may think. Just follow me at and you’ll soon see how simple and effective working out can be.

Oh, and my methods save you a lot of time.

• Walk 10K to 15K Steps Daily

• Strength Train 3 x per week, using Your Body as Your Gym

• Get Plenty of Sleep — 8 Hours are Proven to be Ideal

• Scale Back Your Screen Time on Your Phone, Laptop and TV

• Eat Healthy natural Diet as described Above

Investing in Your Fitness Now Pays Health Dividends Later.

5. Think Positively

You may think this positive thinking thing is overrated, but I promise you it’s not!

How do you think more positively?

• Show Gratitude

• Daily Positive Affirmations of Yourself and Others

• Keep that Smile on Your Face — it Suits You!

• Take Positive Actions — such as Walking

• Congratulate Yourself on Your Achievements and Progress, Daily!

• Think about Great Moments in Your Life

• Surround Yourself with Positive People

• Talk with Your Parents, Kids, Friends and Family, often

• Think Happy Thoughts

• Immediately Replace Worry and Negative Thoughts with Happy Thoughts

Positive thinking: Stop negative self-talk to reduce stress.

6. Read Frequently

• Improves Sleep

• Reduces Stress

• Motivates You

• Boosts Your Creativity

• Exercises Your Brain, Keeping You Sharp

• Increases Your Knowledge

• Improves Concentration

• Improves Your Focus

• Reading is exercise for your mind, and it makes you Happy, and it Can Positively Affect Your Life

7. Eliminate Negative/Toxic People from Your Life

This is a much overlooked and undervalued mental health issue. Toxic, negative people can really mess you up, get you depressed and make your start thinking you’re crazy!

These peoples are always the same:

• Selfish

• Jealous

• Envious

• Stubborn

• Energy Draining

• Self Destructive

• Negative

• Narcissists

Eliminating Toxic Influences. Mental Health America

Cut these people out of your life, and run far away from them, and never look back.

Block them everywhere. It’s better that way, trust me. They don’t deserve you!

Your “Inner Circle” should make you happy and energize you, always. If not, run.

It’s simple to follow the above tips, but your attention and focus are required to make them successful habits.

If you do, you’ll be a much healthier, more focused, and happier you, inside and out.

Your mind and soul will have more peace too!


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